[HK Day 6] Avenue of Stars / HK Space Museum / Airport

May 8, 2013

It’s been two months since these events transpired, and I’ll admit: this Hong Kong series is a bitch to complete.  Nakakatamad with a capital ZZZ.  But alas, a Lifehack-approved life demands I finish what I start so I begrudgingly attempt to get this over with.

Day 6, our final day.  Went back to the Olympian Mall for more iPhone panties only to discover they’ve sold out1.  Settled for Tim Ho Wan lunch instead2, getting more of those dumplings and magnificently baked buns.


“You are what you eat,“ they say.


He was making fun of my “Leg Triangle of Insecurity” pose so I just cropped his off.


Followed multi-HK visitor Apol on foot, and (SUPPLIES!) got lost doing so.  Had to take a cab back to civilization: aptly, an express trip to Chungking.3


A. Apol got me an apple
C. Iba na ba timezone dito? Bat may natutulog?
D. Photo op: backseat monitors that actually work


Made our way to the Avenue of Stars, recognized absolutely no one on the floor, then had our pictures taken by a professional photographer for HK$20 a session.


A. One last duckface for my last Rubber Duck encounter
B. Me imitating things 1
C. Me imitating things 2
D. Ewan ko rin, moving on


We had, uh, a reel good time po


A. See how game I am with floor-touching????? I can totes be an artista??????
B. Kahit anong pa basa ko, parang bastos pa rin


These people move around fast VS. I’m losing my 360-capturing mojo


Pirate ships are always photo ops


A. Added a trippy filter since the fog provided no view whatsoever
B. Professional poses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C. See? Legit!


With better resolution for future blackmailing, y’welcome.


My mom’s the youngest of 8 kids, and she waited a very long time4 to start a family.  That said, I was born a tita and I reserve my right to act like a tita every chance I get.

Today’s unsolicited Tita Advice tackles research.  I can’t stress enough the importance of this, especially when it concerns travel.  Because spontaneity you can feign.  Konting pa-jump shot lang with your 1-pc. angle in place, or at the very least, end your fake-random Instagram caption with a “LOL!”5 or something.  But for proper research – there very rarely is a substitute.

And you may ask: “Why’s this girl all high and mighty, channeling James and the Giant Preach?”

Interesting question, kind sir.  This girl, Daenerys Tita-born, simply had the good Google fortune of discovering Hong Kong’s free museum day.  It’s Wednesday.


A. Cultured poses at the Hong Kong Space Museum
B. This whole contraption looks tons cooler than it actually is
C. @taongfisheye yehey!
D. Why-yi-yi-yippie-yi-yay-yippie-yi-yo-yippie-yi-yay6


Watch me suck at intergalactigames

A. Some spacedude
B. The Hindu version of Earth
C. Mars Attacks!


“Hova” sana but Google says we did it wrong, so “Triangle” nalang


Ground control to Major Tom!


Got to try a simulated moonwalk, too.  People go one at a time, however, with fact-feeding VO blaring around as you attempt to literally gain a foothold.  So no, I didn’t get to perform any MJ hee-hee’s.

Quick tip for the girlies: If you plan on going moonwalking with a harness consuming your ladyparts with a vengeance, skip the short shorts.  Or invest in a long-sleeved panty, whatever.  Just learn from my mistake:


I didn’t even bother turning around. A crotch-eater, that contraption.


Here’s Apol’s video, because mine has me all panty-grabbing and stuff.

More spacethings:

A. Space ice cream!
B. Dinosaur food!
C. Uuyyy ~oriental ~oxymoron
D. Baka kulang pa yan? 29 ayaw niyo? 35?


Headed back to the hotel afterwards, gloomy over our departures, yet cheered up by the fact that our place provided free shuttle service to the airport.


We like trains.


B. Olympic!
C. Kowloon!


A. Mirror selfies are mandatory
B. Pa-sunset na pa-deep photo


A. My packable duffel’s bigger than my actual luggage
B. This Airport Express trains are awesome
C. 20kg limit each, so BOOYAHHH
D. Naw we don’t really pose thattaway, pang last hurrah lang ‘yan


And so we were off to Manila.  Joke lang.  This delay kept us stranded at the airport until the next day.


A. At least we got to eat Saboten!!!!!!!
B. This stamp collection is a nice collection
C. Mirror selfies, again, are mandatory
D. A PiPol collab!







1  Honestly, Hong Kong, bat ang lakas ng benta ng iPhone panty sa inyo?
2  Mental reprimanding ongoing: one does not simply settle for Tim Ho Wan.
3  Wong Kar why, you ask?  Sobrang layo na namin mehn, mas okay nang gumastos.
4  I have a nephew who’s a full month older than I am, that long.
5  Something like, “Bought a new Macbook Pro, LOL!” or even better, “Just proposed to my longtime girlfriend LOL!”
6  I will never run out of Nsync references, I promise


[HK DAY 5] Disneyland

May 7, 2013


Memories or It Didn’t Happen

Screw the pictures.  I’m making a new rule for myself: if I don’t remember a particular instance in full detail, I won’t consider it valid.  This automatically voids1 all acquaintances made as a Pampers-pooping pre-preteen, all the movies I’ve watched before 2011, all the books I’ve read before last week, and all amusement parks I’ve visited – even those I’ve #tbt’d about recently.

That said, my Hong Kong 2013 trip marked my not-so-very first time in Disneyland.

If Apol came primarily for Blur, I came largely for The Happiest Place on Earth (as well as for Mr. Ducky).  That’s why we, like proper adults2, decided to end the concert night early to rest up.

Unscrew the pictures.  Heads up, PAG-ASA: here’s a calamity-scale photo flood for ya.


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[HK DAY 4] K11 Art Mall / Blur at AsiaWorld-Expo

May 6, 2013


Now comes the day which culminated Apol’s years of voracious fangirling1.  His B-day, as some would say.

We were feeling heavy metal, sure, but we didn’t want the pins and the needles later that night – so we decided to keep the day’s activities to a bare minimum.  Thus the trip to…


K11 Art Mall

It’s a mall filled with art.  Really.


A. Double ourselfie
B. Obligatory art exhibit 360


A. Apol Corps
B. Pakyucephalosaurus
C. Alt + J
D. Immature giggles at the Taschen pop-up store


A. Echopraxia
B. Toast Art by Maurice Bennett
C. Nessarose Thropp bringin’ the house down
D. Valyrian steel!


I like big chairs because I have an arguably big pwet

A. Beatling
B. Home Alone in Hong Kong!



And here are some magical moving pictures of us, too:

On Spun Chairs, which fortunately did not kill me

On Wii Darts, which show my questionable marksmanship


On Wii Baseball, which I dove into right off the bat2

And again on the Spun Chairs, which by now, I’ve pwned pretty well.

Hyatti Indian Food Stopover

After K11, we chose to take an alternate route back to the hotel.  We stumbled upon this hole-in-the-wall3 restaurant, and chanced upon some of the best Indian food I’ve ever tasted.

A. Ceremonial milk-pouring
B. Indian lumpia, I forget what it’s called
C. Hellboy
D. Indian pizza4



Blur is to Apol as TBS is to me, and this was absolutely his night, one of the very rare days I allow him to be the princess.  Lessons from last year: the Radiohead shirts were sold out a few minutes after this photo was taken, so this time we played it safe and left the hotel ahead of schedule.  After all, I did have this feat looming over me, and *spoiler alert* I was unluckily unable to top it.

A. Airport Expressing
B. Possibly the most expensive train ride we’ve ever taken
C. Pre-concert loot: Blurgers, postcards, a poster, and a special-edition Think Tank
D. #ammabouttobreak on my birthday!

A. @raymsmercygun @failurebydsgn @mapins @dayglo1
B. @mapins @dayglo1 @raymsmercygun @apolsm
C. More friends!
D. Stolen off Diego’s Instagram!


Punk Rockage vs. Practicality

If you’ve met me in person, you’d realize that I mean nothing snooty when I say “ayoko sa Gen Ad” or other variations thereof.  All I am is a simple little 5-footer5 (more a Tyrion than a Brienne) whose normal view of a regular rock stage consists of 50% dandruffy shoulders and 50% douche-owned tablets.  I even fainted during a Saguijo sound check6 a couple of years ago, with no one but Apol and Kirk noticing since, yes, I’m that short.

This made my boyfriend – being a total Shae and loving me despite my height deficiencies and all7 – get us proper seats, with proper elevation, for proper dancing and proper singing along.

B. Chairs!
C. Pretty much what most of my photos look like
D. Parang sine lang sa Glorietta


Clearly A Casual Blur Fan

I’ve grown up watching Coffee & TV on MTV Asia, and hearing Song 2 played incessantly on my school bus’ radio.  I re-discovered them through the Live Forever compilation while in college8, during the formative years of my musical taste.

That said, my ~cred pretty much paled in comparison to everyone else.  Around me were diehards wearing decade-old shirts with bacon collars, discussing favorite album artworks, offering speculations regarding the Damon-Graham rift… and there I was telling Apol that Alex “the cute one” was my favorite9.

But it was okay, he was every inch the crazed fanatic, more than enough for the both of us.

A. Hey papa Dames
B. How we like to sing aloooong although the words are wrong
C. Fangirl
D. Photo op by the stage

A. Great view of the screen, too
B. Unzoomed
C. Un-unzoomed

I love you, Lumix


Post-Concert Pleased To Meet Yaaa’s

As an adult, I’ve only been to three shows abroad10 and I can say that there’s a feeling consistent with every instance so far.  It’s a sense of excitement in being a small family amidst a nation of unfamiliars.  It’s running into people you’ve known of for a while – the ones you’ve never talked to back home because your Hodor communication skills take over when you’re faced with people who intimidate you11 – the same guys who aren’t even aware you exist.  And it’s finally getting introduced to them, like an equal.  It’s trading Internet usernames with these aforementioned people of greatness and mentally preparing yourself to be all defensively friendly12 even if in reality, you’ll never need to.

The Blur concert was no exception.  Hello, new friends!


A. Of course
B. With the upcoming Modulogeek x Baybeats SG team!
C. Kulasa party – Marian and CJ attended St. Scho Manila, too!

Team Philippines at Blur HK 2013!

Photo stolen from Katwo!

We couldn’t resist

A. Mikey and Marian
B. Man in Maroon, Carl, and Marcus
C. Katwo
D. Ha… tsing yi
D. Me, siyempre, boyfriend ko ang may hawak ng camera

A. Post-concert ourselfie
B. Reflective window ourselfie
C. Faded-stamp ourselfie
D. Apol drawing ❤ Alex ❤ as per my request



One setback to our spectacular seating arrangement: there was no chance in hell – or Hong Kong at least – that we’d get our hands on the setlist. So I made my own:

GOOD SONG should’ve been here!



Tell me I’m not dreaming, but are we out of time?  For this day, yes we are.  Bye.





1 In no universe could “fanboying” ever compare
2 Heh
3 So wall-holey that my superior Googlestalking skills resulted in only one page
4 I really suck at food names, xorreh
5 Rounded up
7 Love’s the greatest thing that we have
8 Given that I was barely 5 years old circa Modern Life Is Rubbish, with an unwavering loyalty to Michael Learns To Rock
9 Later Google sessions would lead me to discover that he’s a writer too, and now he just makes cheese.  MAY TASTE BA AKO OR WHAT
10 The first one being SG for Wicked and the second the oft-mentioned Radiohead in Taiwan
11 Sociability, it’s hard enough for me
12 “It’s failurebydsgn with the last ‘e’ and ‘i’ taken out, I got it from Brand New, I was kid when I made that and I’ve used it with almost every account since so I just kept it when I made my Instagram – no no no, I didn’t mean you were old, it’s just that I was a tweener when I started worshipping Jesse Lacey and emo became became the in thing and I simply bit into it just like I bite into everything, did you know I read both Twilight and New Moon even before the movie deal and I actually participated in the LJ forums, trying to get Smallville’s Justin Hartley to play Carlisle? Yeah.”

[HK Day 3] Dialogue in the Dark / Star Ferry / HK Museum of Art / Causeway Bay

May 5, 2013


A realization: people mistake sightseeing as the only worthwhile thing to do in a foreign place as a tourist.  But how about flavor-tasting, sound-hearing, texture-feeling, odor-sniffing?  Have we all become too blind (too blind) to see1 that there’s a ton more to a new country than what it can visually offer?  *Dim lights, and cue…*


Dialogue in the Dark [Worldwide / HK / TripAdvisor]

In essence, it’s a Hong Kong experience from a blind person’s point of view.2  Each class is led into specially-built dark rooms by a visually-impaired tour guide for an hour and a half, making it relatively appropriate to crack a “long time no see!” joke at the end of the session3.  I personally loved the whole experience, even if it combined things I strongly disliked:

  • Strangers – Sessions have a total of 8 slots per language, to be registered in online.  The chances of a Tagalog tour were Kim Chiu to none, so we signed up for an English class instead.  This meant that aside from making *gasp* small talk with total strangers, I had to *re-gasp* hold conversations with foreigners who had no shot at getting my everyday jeje demeanor4.
  • Blindness – As a kid, I was obsessed with hypotheticals.  Blame it on these guys if you will, but I was fond of creating scenarios play-by-play, then imagining in detail what it would be like if they were real.  Blindness, however, was one I could never flesh out.  I can’t be blind!  I hate reading5 but  I just can’t not to have the option to.
  • Canes – One too many A Clockwork Orange reruns.
  • Groping by foreign men [intentional or otherwise] – Our group happened to include an affectionate couple: a Hong Kongese6 girl my size and a very tall, very American man who enjoyed hugging her.  A lot.  Long story short, I was called “honey” and grabbed from behind a coupla times.  I kept running away wildly / blindly into walls during my “escapes.”


Obligatory turista standard, fisheyes, and 360.


Rubber Ducky

Finally, the reason that made the whole trip worth it, all pretty and perfect and utterly pointless.  “Anong ginagawa niya? Lumalangoy? May sound effects? Parang quack-quack-quack ala Joshua Jackson?” people asked once I got home.  “Nein nein nein nein,” I basterdly replied.  It just floats around like a colossally cute rubber ducky, which in its defense, it is.


A. Moment of panic as I finally spotted the bird
C. Okay, last shot before running over to the pier
D. Duckface appropriate
E. Cute ng kalikod namin dito, mukhang Jollibee Champ
F. #Triplie


A. I like trees, too
B. Yes it’s real, and dried dead. Boo hoo, blue hair.
C. A pirate ship in the background, of course.
D. Duckface 2


HK Museum of Art / Arts & Crafts Fair

I’m one of those ignorami who refuse to be impressed by art that can seemingly be done on my own7 so I was a little hesitant at first to have this one guy make our portraits with just a pair of scissors and a few sheets of paper.  Man, was I proven wrong.

If we cut up the bad, well then we’d have nothing left… but art!

Apol’s turn

Sucks that we didn’t catch his name. Chinese friends, mind reading the signature?


A. We considered just Googling whatever was inside the museum then bragging about it
B. What a poser
C. Fisheye everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
D. So you like art, dooya


Enjoy this heavily-filtered photo of Apol posing by every panel.


Enjoy this heavily-filtered photo of me posing by every panel.


Causeway Bay

Road the ferry8 to Wan Chai, so we could meet up with Marcus, Bru, and Carl at Din Tai Fung.  The restaurant was full when we got there, so we transferred to Misocool instead.  Met with Mr. Modulogeek himself, Joon, then got some steamed milk from Yee Shun.  Dropped by Ikea, and then HMV – one of Apol’s favorite music shops.


A. This Octopus card is a thing of brilliance
B. Window seat, everytime!
C. Duckface 3
D. Siopaoface infinity
E. Ferry fairy, wat. I do wander everywhere, swifter than the moon’s sphere!


Riding the ferry for… uh… the ferry first time


This is me being all pensive and shizz while Apol goes all boyfriendly

A. Duckface 4
B. I’d like to petition for “Why So Serious?” to be banned from serious-face captions worldwide, tengks
C. “How many routes to Disneyland and could we drop by quickly tonight?”

Apol thought it would be fun to take my photo with every station sign we see9 and I always think it’s fun to have my photo taken:

A. Sup, Mei Foo
B. Not Two Chai nor Three Chai
C. *Cue Chariots of Fire theme*
D. Mukha lang siyang Pokemon guys, no need to speculate
E. Missing the ducky
F. Headed home, too tired to WaCkY it up

Meeting up with friends: 

A. Cornman
B. @marcushiro
C. @berniebru
D. @carlchua


Wesocool at Misocool

 Yee Shun Milk Company

A. The only person I know who orders ginger with milk
B. Pabili nga po ng isang chungchingchongchengchung ANUBA LAHAT CHINESE
C. Like taho on crack
D. Thanks for the treat, Carl!


Favorite things collage:

A. Ajitama eggs, my favorite eggs10
B. Fisheyeeeeeeeeeeeee around the world!
C. Added a new member to our family, Duckling Bronx.
D. I couldn’t resist the F21 Aladdin sweatshirt
E. A moment of music cred at HMV: a Niall (One Direction) poster.11


A. I loooooove Hong Kong!
C. The closest I’ll get to being a Vicky’s Secret Angel


That’s all for now, xiao long bao!




1  Reference from Nsync, only the best band in the world bar none?
2  Pun very much intended, sobrang bagay kaya.
3  I had my tacky sense of humor to compensate for my temporary lack of sight
4  I have trouble socializing with people I’m already Facebook friends with, much less Caucasians a good two feet taller than me!??!  Buti sana kung kaya i-Monopod ang ulo ko?
5  This topic deserves its own post later on, but yez I hate reading.
 Konger? Kongian?
7  Cue many an argument with Apol over Basquiat deserving his fame.  Awayin niyo pa ako dito but I assure you no victory.  Again, ignoramus nga e.
8  Am I the only one who finds this word funny?  Parang mabalahibong diwata!
9  What a riot, riiiight???
10  Yes I have favorite eggs, and these are the ones.  I highly recommend the Ajitama sandwiches at Yamato Bakery along Jupiter!
11 #Legit #HiHarry

[HK Day 2] Peak Tram / Madame Tussauds / Nathan Road

May 4, 2013

Some would call it borderline sad: I’ve become too full of myself I’ve resorted to considering my entirety as a sum of completely different Selves.  And I take my sweet time appreciating each one, of course ­– let’s not let all these Dove campaigns go to waste.  That said, with due respect to all my other Selves (oh, and to Apol too) I attribute Day 2’s success to my Self One Week Prior To Departure.  Self1wp2d (as she’s colloquially known) was a plan-plotter / manic-Googler Self who stumbled upon this bundled promo, making it infinitely easier to get to the high point (get it?) of our day:


The Peak

The savings were minor, but Self1wp2d had sweet-talked Apol into purchasing tickets online.  General Self1 constantly finds herself2 getting into more and more fights with strangers over lines3, and Self1wp2d thought pre-ordered tickets could avoid this.

She / I was right.  We got to the Peak Tram station, gaped at the line snaking past the curb4, then spotted the pre-order counter.  We marched over, silently judged the others who came before us5, and immediately claimed our tickets.  It took me a couple of minutes to gloat – cheers to you, Self1wp2d – then it was off to the boarding area for us.


A. Pre-purchased Ticket Queue had no queue.
B. #Selfietimer6
C. Combo counter + Peaking duck
D. Kung nabitawan ko yung camera, dedz si Litol Girl


Peak Trammage: barely-concealed excitement at 0:23

I loved the Peak Tram7;  it’s a 45-degree angle roller coaster climb minus the blinding fear of being thrown backwards.  I would’ve thrown my Skittles up in the air just to see how it landed, but I didn’t have $5000 for food fines8 so I opted to just behave.


Looking down on creation and the only explanation I can fiiiind


A. Top of Hong Kong my pwet, mas mataas ‘yung building sa likod o
B. Obligatory 360!
C. Making friends with European models kaso ‘di ko sila nakaka-eye contact, obvs


Power… hug!


Madame Tussauds

I believe in karma, the give-and-take relationship between good and bad.  I always think something ­– no matter how small – has to go wrong for everything else to go right as planned.  Ad astra per aspera, my HS debate teacher would say.

That’s why I was cheering wildly inside when Apol lost his Madame Tussauds ticket9.  Good thing we found a nice girl who spoke limited English, so we talked and talked and talked until she let us through.  And then *cue angel chorale + luminous color-grading ala Walden filter* I was in heaven:


My girls


My boys


A. Astronerd
B. Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets WITH MY HELP
C. Picking on Picasso
D. Astronerdier


Saddam if you do, Saddam if you don’t


The Fab Five


A. Yes, I went there
B. Rubbing elbows with someone important who I’m too ignorant to recognize
D. Hitchcock reeeee-mix!
E. Fashionblogging with Bert
F. Hindi man lang ako umabot sa kilikili


Madame Marie, how about meee?


And since we think of ourselves as total surfers now10 we decided to commemorate our gnarly love by dipping our hands in wax.

A. Hanglooseholdinghenz
B. Writing to Dan over coffee
D. Stoked skyline


Double-deckin’, Olympian Mallin’, Nathan Roadin’

Karma came a-kickin’ once again, this time ensuring an awesome trip ahead by having me lose my 2-way Peak Tram ticket.  That meant I had to buy a new ticket back, as these clerks spoke perfect English and made this utterly clear.  Apol saw this as a way for me to finally experience riding a double-deck bus!


Pointless video, but still proof nonetheless that we were on the 2nd floor

Headed to the mall after, since much like myself, Apol believes in keeping communication lines open.  Case in point, he says things like “Gustong-gusto ko talaga ‘yung Korg microKEY 25 sa Tom Lee” if he wants the Korg microKEY 25 from Tom Lee.

A. And yes, being the amazing gelpreng that I am, I got him the Korg microKEY 25 from Tom Lee
B. Central Station!
C. Wong Kar Wise, of course
D. Pulling a Hiro Nakamura. YATTA!


Went to Nathan Road, too!  I’m not much of a shopper, so this detour was mostly for Fisheye Foto Opz (A), designer toys (B), a sushi belt (C), and a chance to experience a cab ride home11 (D).


I’m also @taongfisheye on Twitter, hello!


And as a parting gift, enjoy this video of Apol threatening to turn our next-door neighbors into dimsum:



1  A.k.a. me
3  The most recent one against a Tita-type who tried to weasel her way into a cab.  I was all guuuurl I have nieces and nephews of my own so I’m telling you, Tita-to-Tita, go man up and line up *ghetto Z-snap*
4  There were actual signs stating waiting time: 1 hour from this point
5  “Gaganda ng mga telepono niyo, ‘di naman kayo marunong mag-Internet,” sneered my sinister thought-voice as I stroked my entry-level Nokia
6  Yes I’m one of those people who keep using hashtags when inappropriate, and yes you’re one of those people who very sadly have nothing better to bitch about.  The Scarborough Shoal!  Morons running the MMDA!  Rocco Nacino, of all people, being asked for Inferno comments!  Leave me alone, tengks.
7  I love most trains, Apol even placed one in last year’s birthday artwork
8  Fines always apply to fun things, baka dapat funes nalang ang tawag sa kanila
Cheer up Bunnybutt, it was either this or a Damon Albarn cancellation
10  After a grand total of ONE La Union trip – bakit, ang martyr ba paulit-ulit namamatay?
11  #marangya #altasociedad

[HK Day 1] Cosmo Mongkok / Olympian Mall / Tim Ho Wan

May 3, 2013


Check in tieeem!

Honed by years of exhaustive bahay-bahayan training, I tend to look at hotel rooms as actual homes1.  Cosmo Mongkok, my Hong Kong house, is one of those places with excellent locations: directly in front of a McDonald’s, within the vicinity of two 7-11s plus a grocery store, a couple of minutes away from the Olympic MTR station.  Truth be told, I actually made a pretty in-depth Agoda write-up… but alas, it seems to have been ignored.  *Looks around dejectedly rejected, then chooses to change the subject*  So anyway.


Breakfast tieeem!

Food was our first order of business upon landing, as it should always be.  And with Apol and I making a conscious effort to carpe the hell out of each diem / reject the yucky norm / try all things shiny and new, it was unanimous that we head on to McDonald’s for some McPancakes.

Contrary to insanely popular worldwide belief, I am not Korean


HHWW tieeem!

I always feel uncomfortable in swanky malls, there’s always a need to buy though I can’t do anything but cry because my wallet will die.  So going around Olympic Mall, I finally got to let my guard down at what seemed to be the only friendly members of the Hong Kong sales force­ – plastic vending machines!  Maxed out my Octopus card here buying all sorts of Instagrammable junk.

Everything’s safer with rubber


Luncherienda tieeem!

Because I’m Tywin Lannisterly control-freaky ­– I took it upon myself to plan the itinerary.  Tim Ho Wan was initially scheduled2 for Monday, the afternoon preceding the Blur concert, the slowest day out of the whole trip.  This was due largely to everyone having a Tim Ho Wan horror story: be prepared to wait outdoors, all sweaty for a couple of hours, they said.  Once seated, you’ve to finish fast because all the other people in line would give you the evil eye3, they said.  Sa sobrang tagal, naututan pa nga ako sa mukha dati ng matabang babae, Apol added.

So yes, it was a fist-pumpingly fantastic victory for me when I spotted an escalator ad for an unapologetically Cantonese restaurant with Tim Ho Wan spelled out in very, very fine print.  An air-conditioned new branch with an unbelievable lack of people, located inside the mall right next to our hotel ­­– I’d say we were pretty lucky4.


To the best of my non-foodie abilities, here’s what we ate:

A) A suman-like rice thing being hugged by a big leaf, a delightful dahon it was

B) A siopao-like buttered bun with sugar on top5

C) Peach-mango pies without peach nor mango, just vegetables

D) Some animal’s unborn baby

E) Hakaw6 and the shrimp version of Dish D.  Shrimplets?  Hiplets?

F) Fancy Jellyace that tasted fancy so I didn’t fancy this all too much

Tim Ho WANT!  Heh.


Nightcap tieeem!

After settling in and clearing the room7, we brought out a couple of beers and ice cream cones, then ended the night by catching a few substantial shows on TV.

“Looners” on National Geographic’s Taboo USA, a must-watch



I’m one of those people who actually places drawers in the drawers, hehhh
I say sheddyuled in an affected British accent as in formally so – I even sent Apol timeline screencaps with strict orders for compliance
3  This is exceptionally frightening to me, I must share, because I am by far the slowest eater I know
4  Pretty lucky as in if there were any rumors regarding balats on our pwets, this pretty lucky clearly places all these aforementioned hypothetical balats on all your pwets, not ours!!!!!!!!!
6  Ha!  I know this one.
7  Hide all freebies, people!  The cleaning staff won’t stock you with new bedroom slippers if you leave your Day 1 pair out in the open!

HONG KONG 2013: Quick trip tips from the girl with 20/20 hindsight

My dad was a US Marine1, my mom a PAL flight attendant2, and I grew up thinking I was born a traveller.  That’s why I’m taking this world-tour thing seriously, starting by forcing myself to write about this wanderlust.

Let it be known that I do not want to do this.  What I want is to watch stupid television shows through a tiny resized screen on my work computer.  I want to play TripleTown and score high scores that’ll remain unchallenged because everyone’s too busy haggling for Candy Crush lives.  I want to stare at my Sharpie collection and wonder why I have so many I use so infrequently.  But here I am, on this page, driven by the knowledge that if I don’t do this now I probably never will3.

This is it – the pilot episode, the maiden voyage, the beginnings of digital journal of one who’s off to Great Places, one who’s off and away!  This is entry #14 for Hong Kong 2013.  Hi Tin, I did promise you I’d write this. 🙂

First off, I must share that I have a highly analpersonality,  and I normally think things over multiple times before allowing them to come into fruition.  For Hong Kong, I thought of everything: packing snacks6, reserving tickets online7, even screencapping obscure Chinese products8.  But I knew I screwed up9 the very moment we landed.  I had packed my bags in an airless room in the middle of the sweltering Philippine summer – needless to say, the shorts-sando combinations I brought with me didn’t match the windbreakers and scarves that the HK locals had on10.  So yes, I had thought of everything… except check on the weather.11


So as an act of public service to both you and my weather-ignorant future self, I’ve prepared a list of quick trip tips I’ve learned through the years:

    • Check the stupid weather.
    • If you’re like me and you don’t own a credit card, just make sure your boyfriend loves you very much.
    • Research.  Being a total HK noob in the year 201312, I was determined to experience something no one I know has gone through before.  Luckily I found Dialogue In The Dark on TripAdvisor!  Which brings me to…
    • Know where you want to go.  “Kahit saan” as your sole response no longer means you’re game and cool and adventurous.  Nowadays it means “I’m lazy…13”  Friends, trust me, it helps to have at least one destination in mind14.  Dovagaeris… you have your freedom.  Use it wisely.
    • Learn “where’s the bathroom” in your destination country’s language.  You can always gesture, but you never know what can be construed as either offensive or as a blatant come-on.
    • Pack food.  In non-developing countries, bags don’t usually get poked at upon amusement park entry.  Be ruthless.  Think of all those times as a kid when you were forced to stuff down an entire hotdog bun and chug on an entire bottle of water in front of the Enchanted Kingdom ladyguard because SAYANG.
    • Bring different colored tops.  If you’re taking a 6-day trip, might as well make your pictures look as if they were taken on 6 separate days15.
    • For underwear, bring half of what you need then just wash them.  I got this from my mom, and it’s no problem for me as I’m a huge fan of laundry16.  The bag space you save always comes in handy later on.
    • Use geotags, or at the very least, keep a detailed journal of the places you visit.  I’m a memory packrat, and I keep a special travel notebook specifically for this.
    • Try posting “ang humingi ng pasalubong, walang pasalubong” or any variation thereof to ensure the life expectancy of your savings.  That way, you’re free to get things for the people you actually like and those you find annoying would deem you selfish and cranky and they’d leave you alone.

The Hong Kong day-to-day will follow someday.  So, for now… get on your way!  And don’t forget to check the weather, okay?



1 Thus the blue passport
2 Thus the yearly free tickets to any PAL destination
3 Coaxes self into writing about Beijing 2011 and Singapore/Taiwan/Korea 2012 but NOPE, PAKYU, BABY STEPS
4 Of many – I am a flibbertigibbet
5 Threw that in for all my pervy friends
6 So we wouldn’t have to shell out an insanely jacked-up amount for the same food
7 Skipped an hour-long outdoor Peak Tram line because of this
8 That’s how I scored your fish plates, Jrach
9 In a very superficial, very girly sense
10 This may seem trivial to most but I was travelling on a tight budget and I abhor shopping for clothes I already own but left behind
11 Ethtupida *exasperated telenovela sigh*
12 Honestly, ako na lang ba ang ngayon lang nakapunta doon???
13 “… and I have access to the Internet but all I do with it is stalk marvelously boring people with unlimited data plans posting marvelously boring social networking posts 24/7.”  HashtagDracarysBurn
14 Mine was the now-dead Rubber Ducky
15 Lest you be accused of looking exactly the same on every Instagram post, que horror
16 And sewing and ironing and dishwashing and all chores except cooking, which unfortunately is the only housewifely thing that can sustain life