“No rest for the wicked,” some would say.

That is incorrect, never use that again, you’re tacky and I hate you.

I got tons of rest last weekend, and the days after that.  Rest… and fluids and clinic visits and syringes and antibiotics.  Rest – even if ordered jointly by both my doctor and my mother – is still in essence, rest.


Yes that shirt design exists and I love it to bits

It was nothing serious, just an infection cured after a couple of days with antibiotics.  Coughs + colds treated by over-the-counter medicine, throat aches treated by warm kalamansi juice, and spine-tingling chills treated by sponge baths from both my fiancé and mother1.  It had been a good 5 days filled with constant fluid intake, followed each time, obviously, by a torrential downpour of pee.

That’s rest – lots of bed rest – in a home without neither Internet access or cable television2.  Consequently, I had to divert my attention to other things:


A. The Church of Kalamansi Juice

Train of thought went like this: doctor said I need fluids, Gatorade replenishes fluids – and comes in this spectacular shade of blue.  If I was going to be downing something non-stop for the next twenty-or-so hours, might as well make it pretty.

But alas, as with most pretty things in the world, this proved to be a wrong WRONG choice.  I woke up soon after midnight with an excruciatingly sore throat, presumably from all the sugar.  I already had a two-day fever, but the Gatorade had me lose my sense of taste3, my desire to speak4 and all hope and happiness for the world I love so dearly.

… UNTIL I met my beloved warm kalamansi juice.  It was one of Apol’s Advice Texts which I usually ignore5, but this time, out of desperation, I followed everything to the letter.

TASTE: not bad, given of course that my tastebuds were functioning on around 3%.  PAIN: none, surprisingly.  RESULT6: the vitamin C in the kalamansi (Kalaman-C?) went all apeshit over the chaos the sugarspecks created.  The bad pain-causing stuff let go, dying a poetic antibacterial death, leaving my throat as glorious and majestic as the final Fern Gully scenes.  Kitchen Messiah Scoreboard: Kalamansi Juice = 1, old-fashioned Salt Gargles = 0.

B. Pocket Trains

Larry got me into this, and I’m afraid it’s going to be a while ‘til I get out.  I’m a NimbleBitch7 who loves trains and basically everything with dots for eyes and I’ve already monopolized Europe and I’ll soon do the same for North America.

Chugga chugga chugga

C. My Fair Lady

I cannot stand Eliza Doolitle.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved Audrey / the whole cast, the production, the songs – but I couldn’t stand the lead character.  Whiny, greedy, selfish, loud, ungrateful.  Lesbihonest, kung naging panget yan matagal na yang sinuntok sa loverly face niya.

“Ha?????” #1 of wambilyon.  Boplax.


D. Parks & Rec 5

Every character here, on the other hand, is perfection.  I’m choosing Alan, the Mouse Rat bassist, as my favorite.  He’s a brilliant writer-director-cute guy and he never gets enough airtime!

E. Louie 3

Damn that Afghanistan episode.  Damn that Robin Williams scene.  Damn that bit where Louie tries to talk to inane radio DJs who conduct interviews interspersed with mindless pre-recorded sound effects, mirroring exactly how I feel about people who use #hashtaggy #comments #alammoyannnn in every single conversation.

Dan made this for me as a get-well-soon gift!


F. Boardwalk Empire 3

Revisted a few of my favorite episodes because Gyp Rosetti8  is the shit!!!  I was more a Harrow fan for season 2, but Gyp was simply gripping. For more comments / spoilery ramblings, see this thread.

G. Monte Carlo

Selena needs to put a limit to these small-town-girl-saving-enough-for-a-dream-vacay movies.  Amazing boobs, though.

H. Please Be Careful With My Heart

I want to grab Sir Chief by the shoulders and shake him ‘till he grows a personality.

I. Basically everything on ETC

Tang ina tama na sa sandamakmak na vampire series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J. Book Wrapping

I don’t have that many hard copy books, so I take fantastic care of the ones I do own.

How very Dark Angel


I’ve since fully recovered and am back to debauchery and youth wastage and it is fabulous and go visit JP Cuison’s Misplaced exhibit at Saguijo tonight if you can!  Seeya!





1  Ah, to be an independent adult, all tough and grown up

2  I don’t even have a TV set in my room, which is where I spent every rare non-peeing moment in

3  I don’t have a huge appetite as is, so the little food I took in now tasted like pre-chewed cardboard and it sucked ballz

4  IKR, simultaneously terrible and unbelievable

5  “Wag ka masyadong malalim mag-cotton buds!” / “Wag ka magshampoo sa gabi!” / “Use a real glass, not the adorbz new tumbler you got free with the Green Cross hand sanitizer promo pack you don’t use anyway!”

6  Based purely on imagination and acquired logic, as I work in Creatives and not Medicine

7  Finished all the Pocket series so far, as well as Tiny Tower

8  Known to Will & Grace enthusiasts as Will’s boyfriend Vince


Musique électronique ala Modulogeek

A moment of silence as I allow you all to Google Joon Guillen, aka Modulogeek, aka the guy who shows up to gigs carrying musical apparatuses1 I’d never in a million years learn to play.  Google him slowly and Google him well, because chances are – if you don’t know him personally through the Attraction! Reaction! / Number Line circuit2 – you’ve probably never heard of him.  And that’s a crying, bawling, ~caterwauling shame.

Modulogeek’s who3 I consider the other Chemical Brother, or the unsung Aphex Triplet Adopted From The Philippines.  Armed with a Monome controller4 and movie samples in lieu of lead vocals, he creates electronic music to which robot children are conceived5.  So here are ten reasons why I consider Modulogeek my favorite musical act for 2013:


  • Apol should’ve been my favorite, but I didn’t exactly get his album.

A bunch of music authorities – Diego Mapa included – genuinely liked it.  But parang hindi pa ako ganun ka-art6?  I’m sorry???

  • The people you ride the shuttle with wouldn’t know him.

You won’t hear his songs played ad nauseam by all these phone-speaker music aficionados populating our local commute.  Let them have their Titanium + mutant baby remixes thereof.  You don’t need them7.

  • No lyrics, no forced memorizations.

His gigs are ones you can comfortably chug beer to without missing the birit parts.  You can still sing along to the samples, anyway.  Check out An Android’s Lament,  and chant “I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered” to your robotic heart’s content.

  • He’s easy to draw.

People I can caricature, I generally like better than those I can’t8.  I especially prefer those I can doodle and caption “(Doodlee Name) x Pilar Collab” for, yknow, art scene involvement.  Baybeats even says he looks like Craft Spells’ Justin Vallesteros – AND I DISAGREE.  Baka Justin Vallesteros looks like Modulogeek!???!!!  Joon was born first, giving him first dibs on his face.

  • His music’s free!

Never believe those who stick it to the man9and “aren’t in it for the money” unless they actually refrain from monetary demands. That said, with Modulogeek being an independently-managed geek, donations are always welcome!

  • He has a day job while at it.

A full-time nerd, this one.  Joon handles IT duties for a Hong Kong company, has a family10 based here in Manila, commits to a coupla international gigs from time to time, and consider me very very interested in how you’d define your “busy life.”

Aside from his obviously impressive taste in music, apparently he has remarkable taste in art as well.

  • According to this article I’ve sorta committed to creating his next album artwork

How does a Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band-inspired cover sound?  Featuring Nsync and other 90s-00s greats?  If yes: ignore this blog post, if no: Instagram-video yourself twerking and tag me.

  • He thrives on doing things live.

No, friends, he’s as far from Angel Locsin on ASAP as possible.  I dareya to catch him fingersyncing11.  I doubledareya.  He’s such a nerd12 that he even hesitates to perform my personal favorite, No Laughing Matter13, since he feels he “isn’t doing anything.”  See this video for an utterly complicated take on nothing-doing:

  • And finally, he took us to Singapore for Baybeats!

Yes, friends. This is both a Modulogeek appreciation post and my maiden SG2013 entry.  Mabuhay si Modulogeek, lah!



1   “Instruments” is too common a word for their complex nature.
2   If you do know him personally through the Attraction! Reaction! / Number Line circuit, I’ve a good chance at knowing you as well.  Hello and seeya at Apol & Rob’s Secret Exhibit (shhhh) which doubles as my birthday celebration!
3   Whom?  Grrr I hate grammar.
4    Copy-pasted this one, I’ve no idea what I’m talking about.
5    Don’t tell me you can’t sniff the trampy digital innuendos off each Bleep.
6    Although, I do provide vocals for track 12 – May Ligayang Pasko (Christmas)
7   Can you even imagine the all the Pitchforky cool points you score when you say “Modulogeek” instead of “David Guetta” to anyone who asks????????
8   Diba, mas maganda ang karakter inside and out?????
9   With emboldened panipi for extra emphasis.
10   Inclusive of an adorable Modulokid named after a Joss Whedon character.
11   Ano ba ang Monome counterpart ng lipsync, care to share?
12   Sorry, O Captain Our Captain of Team Bahopants
13   Second favorite’s The Tail of Mr. Fox!

Blogging IAQs / QIAMUOPVs: Sanitation Expiration Date Question Everything!

Last week’s lunch topic with an officemate (hi Giselle!) had us discussing the pros and cons of keeping a public digital journal.  It led me to create yet another list, this time containing my blog’s IAQs (Infrequently1 Asked Questions) and QIAMUOPVs (Questions I Ask Myself Using Other People’s Voices).  Here goes:


Q: What made you start? 

I’ve been blogging-blogging since 20032, and lurking-blogging for way longer.  “Kung sa tingin mo madali lang, edi gawin mo mag-isa mo,” the proverbial rant-Tweet goes.  Back in the day, I thought it looked easy.  So I did it myself.

Q: How did you start?

Only child, single parent who worked abroad most of the time, yadda yadda yadda.  Had tons to say, but didn’t really have anyone to talk to until the Internet came along. Eventually made accounts with LJ3, Xanga, Blogspot, and now WordPress.  Used to make entries on Friendster, Multiply, and Facebook too.  Define “internet person,” go.

Q: Does it bother you when people visit your blog and *gahasp* judge you?

I’ve a pretty good idea who visits my site, 50% because WordPress employs an efficient hits counter and 50% because people tell me so4.  I don’t get as much visits as other Internet friends, but that’s okay.  I do it for the love5 – not the likes!!!  I’ve realized over time that people typically respond to things they understand6, and most see me as &!@#@#&$ and *#$((@*&#.  Lesser hits = lesser pressure to filter all the yammering.

Q: What about the people who find your blog boring?

Zzz—what?  *Wipes laway on week-old jacket sleeve* I fell asleep during your question, so… quits.

Q: Do you save your drafts?

Most of my entries start with actual pens (vintage!) and notebooks (pang #tbt!), so yes.  They are saved.

Q: If I wanted to blog, what could I write about?

I guess it all boils down what you’re fascinated with.  Because in truth, we’re all the same.  The Host7 has this interesting theory that to aliens, we humans would all look alike.  A head, a torso, some limbs, complexion that varies to a limited degree.  What really differs is (no no no don’t say it no no no utang na loob no no no) who we are inside.  How we interpret things.  Life’s just a bigger-scale Rorschach test and there’s no right or wrong answers – just interesting or more interesting ones.

We all watch the same movies: recognize the same actors, comprehend the same plots.  We go to the same places: order the same food, Instagramming the same topshots.  We buy into the same consumer traps, paying the same overpriced bills, thinking the same “we be legit” thoughts8.  It’s our opinions that make things ours.

I can say that Romnick Sarmenta is my favorite Pinoy actor9 or bagoong is my favorite food10 – and no one can stop me.  All I’m saying is that you can write about anything you can put your own spin to. Washi tape, boobs, whatever.  For this blog, my fascination is my life.  It’s nothing more than a bonus if you guys find it fascinating, too.

Q: Bat ang dami mong footnotes?

I’m a big fan of writing how you speak, and in person this is how I am.  Some people may dismiss me for an obnoxious, memasabilang know-it-all and you are all correct!  Congratulationzzz, give yourself a pat ­– nay, TEN pats – on the back11!

Q: Why do you keep doing it?

Because it’s free, and because I can.  If there’s one irrefutable thing I can brag about my life, it’s that I’ve kept it well-documented.  Words, pictures, everything.  I like looking back, and this provides something to look back on.

I watched Beautiful Losers the other day, and filmmaker Harmony Korine (Spring Breakers!) says that the movies he makes are the movies he wants to see.  Same goes for me, I write what I want to read12. I like doing this because it’s an exercise in not caring what other people think.  Or as my journal title suggests ­– it’s an exercise in pretending not to care.

Q: Bat ang daldal mo sa Internet?

Kasi konti lang ang pumapansin sa akin IRL.

Q: 3yrs. credit card holder fr any bank apply for cash loan! 50k to 2M 1.28% a mo. Interested? – +639065861491

Pakyu, naway maubusan ka ng unli mo at makakalap ka ng bill na ‘sing laki ng roaming charges ng isang daang Cebu Pacific stewardess na naka Globe iPhone

So, that’s it.  I still feel uncomfortable calling myself a ~blogger without the tilde preceding it.  But I’ve finally accepted that this is what comes naturally to me ­– I actually got into copywriting because a former CD saw my stuff and told me to get the hell out of media.

One day I will get better at this.  Until then, lemme write. Thanks!




1  Like, once

2  With only Justine in current possession of my archive’s URL

3  Three of them! What is “overkill?”

4  Hi Owel!  Hi Zyla!

5  Sung ala Smile Empty Soul’s Bottom of the Bottle

6  That’s why Boys Night Out banats get retweeted more often than @glitchr_ ones

7  Stephenie Meyer, author of Twilight, leave me alone

8  I’m looking at you, Lomography

9  Had him as a DWTL speaker back in high school

10   A staple viand growing up, in hindsight ANG TAMAD PALA NG YAYA KO NOON

11  This is me contributing to the egos of many and indirectly improving the overall wellness of society, what have you done today?

12  Proceeds to reread this entire post, just for kicks


On Not-So-Cheap Shots and Why I Like Them

Just a few months ago, I almost gave up film photography as a hobby.  This was due mostly to the deaths of two trusty Digiprint stalls: Park Square and Ayala Life FGU.  I just couldn’t force myself to shell out cash for Island Photo, the next accessible photo lab, as it requires a staggering P220 per roll1.  To put things in perspective, 5 rolls at Digiprint cost a mere P275.  I’m sucky at math, but for the love of my remedial DLSU calculus classes – T A G A, P L I S.

That’s why chancing upon Digiprint’s Shang branch before Celina’s Cold Milk Culprits was a truly Instagrammable, terrifically encouraging2  experience.  Exactly 5 days after I left my rolls, meaning yesterday, I got my negatives in the mail.  My fervor for film, instantaneously reawakened.

This is where vocal flashbacks of my HS debate teacher tell me to make a startling statement, and here it is ­– I am a photographer.

In a highly refutable sense, that is.  I am a ~shutterbug in my own right, driven by neither vision nor technical expertise.  Quite simply, I am empowered by the desire to make my life seem cute.  So I click away.

Yes, I occasionally concern myself with capturing my subjects’3 better angles, but I’m preoccupied mostly with making these select moments last.  This moves me to this particular discussion: why I like film, regardless of being one of the few non-purist, non-photography experts who do.4 A few reasons:


  • Everything just looks more ~poignant.  Take #selfies, for instance.  Must I be accused of vanity if I took the photo for art’s sake, and not just to check my makeup?  Lomography rules dictate that I should not think, just shoot.  So by shooting myself, I’ve essentially committed (Shoot from the) Hip Harakiri – and should subsequently be referred to with honor.
  • We, unfortunately, live in the era of the Patingin / Panget Ko / Pabura.  We’re the spoiled little Dorian Grays whose cursed pictures can easily be remedied with a digital click.  I find it satisfying to snap “kebs ko sa angle mo, film yan, tingnan mo nalang next year sa Facebook ko” at those innocently annoying friends we all have.
  • Film tempers the trigger-happy.  Picture this5: I’m but a copywriter to Apol’s art director / graphic designer / aspiring animator / amateur filmmaker, yet I’ve utilized a few more terabytes than he has.  Backing up’s a bitch, and with a mere 36 exposures to each pricey roll, this bitch gets tamed good.  Plus, an accidental Empty Trash click won’t delete negatives.
  • I get to call my Facebook albums Flim and I get a kick out of people calling out my “typo.”
  • Taking expensive cameras and iPhones to the beach always has dire consequences.
  • Waiting.  Waiting is good.  Waiting is fun.  Each roll is a tiny time capsule, filled with Rememba When’s and Alam Kong Break Na Sila Pero Pwede Pa Ba ‘To I-Upload’s.
  • There’s a mild superiority over those using free iOS apps.  Bali kung sa corkboard-inspired tsinelashoes ang usapan, I shall be the Birkenstock to all them knock-off Briks.
  • Most of the time, I like mixing things up.  Shuffling is a lifestyle.6   Film shots offer content variety – a welcome getaway from those whose Me Myself And I albums consistently terrorize news feeds.
  • I have a soft spot for my Fisheye 2, my first toy camera as a grownup.
  • David Ogilvy’s Rule 3 mandates that writers should keep words to a minimum.  The same could probably be said about photos, yes?  For film, especially.  Mahal e.


A photodump of yesterday’s stash:


Lady Lumot of House Bagongligo


Maliwanag, man! Sa Diliman! [No?]

The Big Reunion Appreciation Society


Surprise birthday 2012!


My former boss and copy coach, Keena


Nagkamali sa pindot VS. Pondering On The World Through the Dimly-Lit Windows of Life


KT creating the song “Tupperware Party” from scratch


With a Kate Torralba piano + Leeroy New artwork #art #AHRT


Early stages of a New Apol project


Immunity for pretentious poses! TAKEN WITH FILM, BETCHES!


Low-angle low-fi


This Action Sampler really does sample action well



And enjoy Filter’s Take A Picture as well. It is Throwback Thursday.




1  P70 for processing, P150 for burning the negatives to a CD.  Areya killing the industry on purpose?????
2  Too much?
3  Which in most cases, is myself
4  Ibaba ang iyong kilay, ayoko ng ingay, I’m fully aware of my layman status ZOLOMOT
6  Imagine my die-hard Beatles fan friends when I mentioned I only properly listened to the albums just last year.

[HK Day 3] Dialogue in the Dark / Star Ferry / HK Museum of Art / Causeway Bay

May 5, 2013


A realization: people mistake sightseeing as the only worthwhile thing to do in a foreign place as a tourist.  But how about flavor-tasting, sound-hearing, texture-feeling, odor-sniffing?  Have we all become too blind (too blind) to see1 that there’s a ton more to a new country than what it can visually offer?  *Dim lights, and cue…*


Dialogue in the Dark [Worldwide / HK / TripAdvisor]

In essence, it’s a Hong Kong experience from a blind person’s point of view.2  Each class is led into specially-built dark rooms by a visually-impaired tour guide for an hour and a half, making it relatively appropriate to crack a “long time no see!” joke at the end of the session3.  I personally loved the whole experience, even if it combined things I strongly disliked:

  • Strangers – Sessions have a total of 8 slots per language, to be registered in online.  The chances of a Tagalog tour were Kim Chiu to none, so we signed up for an English class instead.  This meant that aside from making *gasp* small talk with total strangers, I had to *re-gasp* hold conversations with foreigners who had no shot at getting my everyday jeje demeanor4.
  • Blindness – As a kid, I was obsessed with hypotheticals.  Blame it on these guys if you will, but I was fond of creating scenarios play-by-play, then imagining in detail what it would be like if they were real.  Blindness, however, was one I could never flesh out.  I can’t be blind!  I hate reading5 but  I just can’t not to have the option to.
  • Canes – One too many A Clockwork Orange reruns.
  • Groping by foreign men [intentional or otherwise] – Our group happened to include an affectionate couple: a Hong Kongese6 girl my size and a very tall, very American man who enjoyed hugging her.  A lot.  Long story short, I was called “honey” and grabbed from behind a coupla times.  I kept running away wildly / blindly into walls during my “escapes.”


Obligatory turista standard, fisheyes, and 360.


Rubber Ducky

Finally, the reason that made the whole trip worth it, all pretty and perfect and utterly pointless.  “Anong ginagawa niya? Lumalangoy? May sound effects? Parang quack-quack-quack ala Joshua Jackson?” people asked once I got home.  “Nein nein nein nein,” I basterdly replied.  It just floats around like a colossally cute rubber ducky, which in its defense, it is.


A. Moment of panic as I finally spotted the bird
C. Okay, last shot before running over to the pier
D. Duckface appropriate
E. Cute ng kalikod namin dito, mukhang Jollibee Champ
F. #Triplie


A. I like trees, too
B. Yes it’s real, and dried dead. Boo hoo, blue hair.
C. A pirate ship in the background, of course.
D. Duckface 2


HK Museum of Art / Arts & Crafts Fair

I’m one of those ignorami who refuse to be impressed by art that can seemingly be done on my own7 so I was a little hesitant at first to have this one guy make our portraits with just a pair of scissors and a few sheets of paper.  Man, was I proven wrong.

If we cut up the bad, well then we’d have nothing left… but art!

Apol’s turn

Sucks that we didn’t catch his name. Chinese friends, mind reading the signature?


A. We considered just Googling whatever was inside the museum then bragging about it
B. What a poser
C. Fisheye everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
D. So you like art, dooya


Enjoy this heavily-filtered photo of Apol posing by every panel.


Enjoy this heavily-filtered photo of me posing by every panel.


Causeway Bay

Road the ferry8 to Wan Chai, so we could meet up with Marcus, Bru, and Carl at Din Tai Fung.  The restaurant was full when we got there, so we transferred to Misocool instead.  Met with Mr. Modulogeek himself, Joon, then got some steamed milk from Yee Shun.  Dropped by Ikea, and then HMV – one of Apol’s favorite music shops.


A. This Octopus card is a thing of brilliance
B. Window seat, everytime!
C. Duckface 3
D. Siopaoface infinity
E. Ferry fairy, wat. I do wander everywhere, swifter than the moon’s sphere!


Riding the ferry for… uh… the ferry first time


This is me being all pensive and shizz while Apol goes all boyfriendly

A. Duckface 4
B. I’d like to petition for “Why So Serious?” to be banned from serious-face captions worldwide, tengks
C. “How many routes to Disneyland and could we drop by quickly tonight?”

Apol thought it would be fun to take my photo with every station sign we see9 and I always think it’s fun to have my photo taken:

A. Sup, Mei Foo
B. Not Two Chai nor Three Chai
C. *Cue Chariots of Fire theme*
D. Mukha lang siyang Pokemon guys, no need to speculate
E. Missing the ducky
F. Headed home, too tired to WaCkY it up

Meeting up with friends: 

A. Cornman
B. @marcushiro
C. @berniebru
D. @carlchua


Wesocool at Misocool

 Yee Shun Milk Company

A. The only person I know who orders ginger with milk
B. Pabili nga po ng isang chungchingchongchengchung ANUBA LAHAT CHINESE
C. Like taho on crack
D. Thanks for the treat, Carl!


Favorite things collage:

A. Ajitama eggs, my favorite eggs10
B. Fisheyeeeeeeeeeeeee around the world!
C. Added a new member to our family, Duckling Bronx.
D. I couldn’t resist the F21 Aladdin sweatshirt
E. A moment of music cred at HMV: a Niall (One Direction) poster.11


A. I loooooove Hong Kong!
C. The closest I’ll get to being a Vicky’s Secret Angel


That’s all for now, xiao long bao!




1  Reference from Nsync, only the best band in the world bar none?
2  Pun very much intended, sobrang bagay kaya.
3  I had my tacky sense of humor to compensate for my temporary lack of sight
4  I have trouble socializing with people I’m already Facebook friends with, much less Caucasians a good two feet taller than me!??!  Buti sana kung kaya i-Monopod ang ulo ko?
5  This topic deserves its own post later on, but yez I hate reading.
 Konger? Kongian?
7  Cue many an argument with Apol over Basquiat deserving his fame.  Awayin niyo pa ako dito but I assure you no victory.  Again, ignoramus nga e.
8  Am I the only one who finds this word funny?  Parang mabalahibong diwata!
9  What a riot, riiiight???
10  Yes I have favorite eggs, and these are the ones.  I highly recommend the Ajitama sandwiches at Yamato Bakery along Jupiter!
11 #Legit #HiHarry

HONG KONG 2013: Quick trip tips from the girl with 20/20 hindsight

My dad was a US Marine1, my mom a PAL flight attendant2, and I grew up thinking I was born a traveller.  That’s why I’m taking this world-tour thing seriously, starting by forcing myself to write about this wanderlust.

Let it be known that I do not want to do this.  What I want is to watch stupid television shows through a tiny resized screen on my work computer.  I want to play TripleTown and score high scores that’ll remain unchallenged because everyone’s too busy haggling for Candy Crush lives.  I want to stare at my Sharpie collection and wonder why I have so many I use so infrequently.  But here I am, on this page, driven by the knowledge that if I don’t do this now I probably never will3.

This is it – the pilot episode, the maiden voyage, the beginnings of digital journal of one who’s off to Great Places, one who’s off and away!  This is entry #14 for Hong Kong 2013.  Hi Tin, I did promise you I’d write this. 🙂

First off, I must share that I have a highly analpersonality,  and I normally think things over multiple times before allowing them to come into fruition.  For Hong Kong, I thought of everything: packing snacks6, reserving tickets online7, even screencapping obscure Chinese products8.  But I knew I screwed up9 the very moment we landed.  I had packed my bags in an airless room in the middle of the sweltering Philippine summer – needless to say, the shorts-sando combinations I brought with me didn’t match the windbreakers and scarves that the HK locals had on10.  So yes, I had thought of everything… except check on the weather.11


So as an act of public service to both you and my weather-ignorant future self, I’ve prepared a list of quick trip tips I’ve learned through the years:

    • Check the stupid weather.
    • If you’re like me and you don’t own a credit card, just make sure your boyfriend loves you very much.
    • Research.  Being a total HK noob in the year 201312, I was determined to experience something no one I know has gone through before.  Luckily I found Dialogue In The Dark on TripAdvisor!  Which brings me to…
    • Know where you want to go.  “Kahit saan” as your sole response no longer means you’re game and cool and adventurous.  Nowadays it means “I’m lazy…13”  Friends, trust me, it helps to have at least one destination in mind14.  Dovagaeris… you have your freedom.  Use it wisely.
    • Learn “where’s the bathroom” in your destination country’s language.  You can always gesture, but you never know what can be construed as either offensive or as a blatant come-on.
    • Pack food.  In non-developing countries, bags don’t usually get poked at upon amusement park entry.  Be ruthless.  Think of all those times as a kid when you were forced to stuff down an entire hotdog bun and chug on an entire bottle of water in front of the Enchanted Kingdom ladyguard because SAYANG.
    • Bring different colored tops.  If you’re taking a 6-day trip, might as well make your pictures look as if they were taken on 6 separate days15.
    • For underwear, bring half of what you need then just wash them.  I got this from my mom, and it’s no problem for me as I’m a huge fan of laundry16.  The bag space you save always comes in handy later on.
    • Use geotags, or at the very least, keep a detailed journal of the places you visit.  I’m a memory packrat, and I keep a special travel notebook specifically for this.
    • Try posting “ang humingi ng pasalubong, walang pasalubong” or any variation thereof to ensure the life expectancy of your savings.  That way, you’re free to get things for the people you actually like and those you find annoying would deem you selfish and cranky and they’d leave you alone.

The Hong Kong day-to-day will follow someday.  So, for now… get on your way!  And don’t forget to check the weather, okay?



1 Thus the blue passport
2 Thus the yearly free tickets to any PAL destination
3 Coaxes self into writing about Beijing 2011 and Singapore/Taiwan/Korea 2012 but NOPE, PAKYU, BABY STEPS
4 Of many – I am a flibbertigibbet
5 Threw that in for all my pervy friends
6 So we wouldn’t have to shell out an insanely jacked-up amount for the same food
7 Skipped an hour-long outdoor Peak Tram line because of this
8 That’s how I scored your fish plates, Jrach
9 In a very superficial, very girly sense
10 This may seem trivial to most but I was travelling on a tight budget and I abhor shopping for clothes I already own but left behind
11 Ethtupida *exasperated telenovela sigh*
12 Honestly, ako na lang ba ang ngayon lang nakapunta doon???
13 “… and I have access to the Internet but all I do with it is stalk marvelously boring people with unlimited data plans posting marvelously boring social networking posts 24/7.”  HashtagDracarysBurn
14 Mine was the now-dead Rubber Ducky
15 Lest you be accused of looking exactly the same on every Instagram post, que horror
16 And sewing and ironing and dishwashing and all chores except cooking, which unfortunately is the only housewifely thing that can sustain life