On Drawing the Line (and Having It Glitter Like Mariah)

As a kid in the 90s1 and an only child at that2, I grew up partial to non-messy artwork: paper crafts, friendship bracelets, Barbie dresses, even my yaya’s hair3&4.  Drawing, however, was never that appealing.  I hated crayons – the 64 Crayola box was way too expensive, and non-crayons were simply too dirty5.

Hyperlapse (relevant!) on to the present day.  I now work in the arts (debatable), and I find myself engaged to an artist / hobby-enabler6 who gets me every school supply I squeal about.  I still hate crayons, but I do own every rainbow-glittery coloring knickknack our thirdworldly bookstores carry.  I have a range of drawing equipment at my fingertips7, and I’m quickly running out of excuses not to create something worth writing about8.

So last week’s National Bookstore run had Apol buying me a Paintastics brush pen set9.  This was followed by a stroke (heh) of inspiration.  It was 2am on a Sunday morning, and I asked Twitter friends for suggestions regarding what to draw.  Most of the responses were portraits of themselves10.  And I did just that.

The Tools: 

The Portraits:

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The Great Reblog

I blame my Internet-writing demise mostly on my 2008 move to Tumblr.  Before then, I was just your average LJ tweener, ranting about imaginary loves, (gasp) boredom, and other worldly things.  Other fall guys from that era include digital cameras1, a lack of non-office Internet2, Twitter3, boys4, and an overall lackluster life.  Well, not anymore.

Boredom is for the boring, I tell my Past Self5.  Shame on you, Past Self, for living off reblogs and repins and retweets.  Shame on you, Past Self, I continue on my tirade, for having infinitely lesser things to say than your Shrieky LJ Tweener counterpart.  Most factors are still present6, sure, but I’d like commend *shifts glance* you, my Quarter-Lifer Self, for doing pretty well nonetheless.

Just over the past couple of years, I’ve found love with an artist [NUHUCKS], watched Radiohead AND Blur live abroad, acted as a movie zombietried my luck on a surfboard, memorized (and performed!) quite a few rap songslanded a cover of a magazine7, been painted by MICHEL GONDRY AND JAMES JEAN8, finished the entire X-Force series in one sitting, and made it into a career-braggable list9 among other things.  I’m just too fantastic at persuading myself into letting my lazy ass win, so it took me a while to realize that I do have things to write about. Also, I got inspired my friend Ria, who just recently revamped her entire site. At nainggit ako.

So, my dearly beloved, this post is simply a burial of non-bloggy boredom.  This is a christening of a home away from the no-brainer reblogs, the cute-things-I’ll-never-do repins, the @superstarmarian retweets.

This is a rebirth of my net-writing mojo.  A noble resurgence10.  A great reblog if you will.

Hello WordPress, let’s be friends.



1 A thousand words painted per picture, gaiz.
2 In my defense, I posted a bajillion posts in my head, offline.
3 Why wait for thought-compilation if I could do it in 140-character installments?
4 Picking the right ones over the years meant they were guys I’d rather hang out with than ignore+write with. *KindatCutiePiez
5 The Past Self is the 2008 Self that precedes Self As Of Press Time
6 Although I doubt getting my own Internet access soon.  Too much life to actually live, yknow???
7 A free one, okay, but still.
8 Bitchezzzzzzz
9 I felt I had to add one advertising-related thing since my mom needs constant validation regarding my job being a real one.
10 Veronica Roth, this is a hint at what I was expecting Book 3’s title to be.