La Cage aux Folles: a theater review

If my spirit animal1 came in musical form, this would be it. La Cage aux Folles. The cage of mad women.

It guarantees a night perfect for both kicking shoes off and throwing high heels on – this 9 Works Theatrical production is anything but a drag. Knowing absolutely zilch about theater, I came to the press preview expecting nothing. Zero awareness about the multiple Tony Awards it swept, the Robin Williams movie it produced, even the iconic Inday Bote performance it spawned. Yup, for the barrage of belly laughs and mascara-tinged tears that commenced as soon as the curtains were drawn, I was magnificently unprepared.

Here are 10 reasons why I think this glitzier-than-thou musical extravaganza was made specifically for me.

In no particular order:

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“To Create Is To Destroy.” – Why I Made Art for Rob and Apol

This-journal-wreckers would be familiar with the above quote.  You speak the truth, Keri Smith.

Rob Cham and Apol Sta. Maria are having an exhibit on August 15.

THE DESTRUCTION: I spilled beer all over their posters.

The originals, post-aircon assault. Looks much worse in person (paper?)

And since I couldn’t pin the blame on neither Apol (too obvious, too likely) or Rob (and face his legions of Tumblr fans!?), I chose another route.

THE CREATION: I had to man up and make them new ones.

Rob Cham and Apol Sta. Maria Selling Out! 1000 Drawings!
August 15, 2013, Thursday, 7pm
Pocket Universe Art Gallery, 2nd Floor SaGuijo, Makati

Additional promises from Rob:
There will be bands, music, art, friends, people, philosophical debates, otherworldly encounters,
food, SaGuijo regulars, SaGuijo irregulars, Lions and Tigers, Love, Pare, and many more!


August 15 also happens to be my birthday. And since I’ve never ever held my own celebration, this year I’m still not going to.  So come everyone, there’s free-flowing beer (someone else has a birthday that night, SWERTE KO!!!!!) and ~fun-loving friends and fantastic artwork for sale.  Be there!


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