“No rest for the wicked,” some would say.

That is incorrect, never use that again, you’re tacky and I hate you.

I got tons of rest last weekend, and the days after that.  Rest… and fluids and clinic visits and syringes and antibiotics.  Rest – even if ordered jointly by both my doctor and my mother – is still in essence, rest.


Yes that shirt design exists and I love it to bits

It was nothing serious, just an infection cured after a couple of days with antibiotics.  Coughs + colds treated by over-the-counter medicine, throat aches treated by warm kalamansi juice, and spine-tingling chills treated by sponge baths from both my fiancé and mother1.  It had been a good 5 days filled with constant fluid intake, followed each time, obviously, by a torrential downpour of pee.

That’s rest – lots of bed rest – in a home without neither Internet access or cable television2.  Consequently, I had to divert my attention to other things:


A. The Church of Kalamansi Juice

Train of thought went like this: doctor said I need fluids, Gatorade replenishes fluids – and comes in this spectacular shade of blue.  If I was going to be downing something non-stop for the next twenty-or-so hours, might as well make it pretty.

But alas, as with most pretty things in the world, this proved to be a wrong WRONG choice.  I woke up soon after midnight with an excruciatingly sore throat, presumably from all the sugar.  I already had a two-day fever, but the Gatorade had me lose my sense of taste3, my desire to speak4 and all hope and happiness for the world I love so dearly.

… UNTIL I met my beloved warm kalamansi juice.  It was one of Apol’s Advice Texts which I usually ignore5, but this time, out of desperation, I followed everything to the letter.

TASTE: not bad, given of course that my tastebuds were functioning on around 3%.  PAIN: none, surprisingly.  RESULT6: the vitamin C in the kalamansi (Kalaman-C?) went all apeshit over the chaos the sugarspecks created.  The bad pain-causing stuff let go, dying a poetic antibacterial death, leaving my throat as glorious and majestic as the final Fern Gully scenes.  Kitchen Messiah Scoreboard: Kalamansi Juice = 1, old-fashioned Salt Gargles = 0.

B. Pocket Trains

Larry got me into this, and I’m afraid it’s going to be a while ‘til I get out.  I’m a NimbleBitch7 who loves trains and basically everything with dots for eyes and I’ve already monopolized Europe and I’ll soon do the same for North America.

Chugga chugga chugga

C. My Fair Lady

I cannot stand Eliza Doolitle.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved Audrey / the whole cast, the production, the songs – but I couldn’t stand the lead character.  Whiny, greedy, selfish, loud, ungrateful.  Lesbihonest, kung naging panget yan matagal na yang sinuntok sa loverly face niya.

“Ha?????” #1 of wambilyon.  Boplax.


D. Parks & Rec 5

Every character here, on the other hand, is perfection.  I’m choosing Alan, the Mouse Rat bassist, as my favorite.  He’s a brilliant writer-director-cute guy and he never gets enough airtime!

E. Louie 3

Damn that Afghanistan episode.  Damn that Robin Williams scene.  Damn that bit where Louie tries to talk to inane radio DJs who conduct interviews interspersed with mindless pre-recorded sound effects, mirroring exactly how I feel about people who use #hashtaggy #comments #alammoyannnn in every single conversation.

Dan made this for me as a get-well-soon gift!


F. Boardwalk Empire 3

Revisted a few of my favorite episodes because Gyp Rosetti8  is the shit!!!  I was more a Harrow fan for season 2, but Gyp was simply gripping. For more comments / spoilery ramblings, see this thread.

G. Monte Carlo

Selena needs to put a limit to these small-town-girl-saving-enough-for-a-dream-vacay movies.  Amazing boobs, though.

H. Please Be Careful With My Heart

I want to grab Sir Chief by the shoulders and shake him ‘till he grows a personality.

I. Basically everything on ETC

Tang ina tama na sa sandamakmak na vampire series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J. Book Wrapping

I don’t have that many hard copy books, so I take fantastic care of the ones I do own.

How very Dark Angel


I’ve since fully recovered and am back to debauchery and youth wastage and it is fabulous and go visit JP Cuison’s Misplaced exhibit at Saguijo tonight if you can!  Seeya!





1  Ah, to be an independent adult, all tough and grown up

2  I don’t even have a TV set in my room, which is where I spent every rare non-peeing moment in

3  I don’t have a huge appetite as is, so the little food I took in now tasted like pre-chewed cardboard and it sucked ballz

4  IKR, simultaneously terrible and unbelievable

5  “Wag ka masyadong malalim mag-cotton buds!” / “Wag ka magshampoo sa gabi!” / “Use a real glass, not the adorbz new tumbler you got free with the Green Cross hand sanitizer promo pack you don’t use anyway!”

6  Based purely on imagination and acquired logic, as I work in Creatives and not Medicine

7  Finished all the Pocket series so far, as well as Tiny Tower

8  Known to Will & Grace enthusiasts as Will’s boyfriend Vince


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