[HK Day 6] Avenue of Stars / HK Space Museum / Airport

May 8, 2013

It’s been two months since these events transpired, and I’ll admit: this Hong Kong series is a bitch to complete.  Nakakatamad with a capital ZZZ.  But alas, a Lifehack-approved life demands I finish what I start so I begrudgingly attempt to get this over with.

Day 6, our final day.  Went back to the Olympian Mall for more iPhone panties only to discover they’ve sold out1.  Settled for Tim Ho Wan lunch instead2, getting more of those dumplings and magnificently baked buns.


“You are what you eat,“ they say.


He was making fun of my “Leg Triangle of Insecurity” pose so I just cropped his off.


Followed multi-HK visitor Apol on foot, and (SUPPLIES!) got lost doing so.  Had to take a cab back to civilization: aptly, an express trip to Chungking.3


A. Apol got me an apple
C. Iba na ba timezone dito? Bat may natutulog?
D. Photo op: backseat monitors that actually work


Made our way to the Avenue of Stars, recognized absolutely no one on the floor, then had our pictures taken by a professional photographer for HK$20 a session.


A. One last duckface for my last Rubber Duck encounter
B. Me imitating things 1
C. Me imitating things 2
D. Ewan ko rin, moving on


We had, uh, a reel good time po


A. See how game I am with floor-touching????? I can totes be an artista??????
B. Kahit anong pa basa ko, parang bastos pa rin


These people move around fast VS. I’m losing my 360-capturing mojo


Pirate ships are always photo ops


A. Added a trippy filter since the fog provided no view whatsoever
B. Professional poses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C. See? Legit!


With better resolution for future blackmailing, y’welcome.


My mom’s the youngest of 8 kids, and she waited a very long time4 to start a family.  That said, I was born a tita and I reserve my right to act like a tita every chance I get.

Today’s unsolicited Tita Advice tackles research.  I can’t stress enough the importance of this, especially when it concerns travel.  Because spontaneity you can feign.  Konting pa-jump shot lang with your 1-pc. angle in place, or at the very least, end your fake-random Instagram caption with a “LOL!”5 or something.  But for proper research – there very rarely is a substitute.

And you may ask: “Why’s this girl all high and mighty, channeling James and the Giant Preach?”

Interesting question, kind sir.  This girl, Daenerys Tita-born, simply had the good Google fortune of discovering Hong Kong’s free museum day.  It’s Wednesday.


A. Cultured poses at the Hong Kong Space Museum
B. This whole contraption looks tons cooler than it actually is
C. @taongfisheye yehey!
D. Why-yi-yi-yippie-yi-yay-yippie-yi-yo-yippie-yi-yay6


Watch me suck at intergalactigames

A. Some spacedude
B. The Hindu version of Earth
C. Mars Attacks!


“Hova” sana but Google says we did it wrong, so “Triangle” nalang


Ground control to Major Tom!


Got to try a simulated moonwalk, too.  People go one at a time, however, with fact-feeding VO blaring around as you attempt to literally gain a foothold.  So no, I didn’t get to perform any MJ hee-hee’s.

Quick tip for the girlies: If you plan on going moonwalking with a harness consuming your ladyparts with a vengeance, skip the short shorts.  Or invest in a long-sleeved panty, whatever.  Just learn from my mistake:


I didn’t even bother turning around. A crotch-eater, that contraption.


Here’s Apol’s video, because mine has me all panty-grabbing and stuff.

More spacethings:

A. Space ice cream!
B. Dinosaur food!
C. Uuyyy ~oriental ~oxymoron
D. Baka kulang pa yan? 29 ayaw niyo? 35?


Headed back to the hotel afterwards, gloomy over our departures, yet cheered up by the fact that our place provided free shuttle service to the airport.


We like trains.


B. Olympic!
C. Kowloon!


A. Mirror selfies are mandatory
B. Pa-sunset na pa-deep photo


A. My packable duffel’s bigger than my actual luggage
B. This Airport Express trains are awesome
C. 20kg limit each, so BOOYAHHH
D. Naw we don’t really pose thattaway, pang last hurrah lang ‘yan


And so we were off to Manila.  Joke lang.  This delay kept us stranded at the airport until the next day.


A. At least we got to eat Saboten!!!!!!!
B. This stamp collection is a nice collection
C. Mirror selfies, again, are mandatory
D. A PiPol collab!







1  Honestly, Hong Kong, bat ang lakas ng benta ng iPhone panty sa inyo?
2  Mental reprimanding ongoing: one does not simply settle for Tim Ho Wan.
3  Wong Kar why, you ask?  Sobrang layo na namin mehn, mas okay nang gumastos.
4  I have a nephew who’s a full month older than I am, that long.
5  Something like, “Bought a new Macbook Pro, LOL!” or even better, “Just proposed to my longtime girlfriend LOL!”
6  I will never run out of Nsync references, I promise


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