Blogging IAQs / QIAMUOPVs: Sanitation Expiration Date Question Everything!

Last week’s lunch topic with an officemate (hi Giselle!) had us discussing the pros and cons of keeping a public digital journal.  It led me to create yet another list, this time containing my blog’s IAQs (Infrequently1 Asked Questions) and QIAMUOPVs (Questions I Ask Myself Using Other People’s Voices).  Here goes:


Q: What made you start? 

I’ve been blogging-blogging since 20032, and lurking-blogging for way longer.  “Kung sa tingin mo madali lang, edi gawin mo mag-isa mo,” the proverbial rant-Tweet goes.  Back in the day, I thought it looked easy.  So I did it myself.

Q: How did you start?

Only child, single parent who worked abroad most of the time, yadda yadda yadda.  Had tons to say, but didn’t really have anyone to talk to until the Internet came along. Eventually made accounts with LJ3, Xanga, Blogspot, and now WordPress.  Used to make entries on Friendster, Multiply, and Facebook too.  Define “internet person,” go.

Q: Does it bother you when people visit your blog and *gahasp* judge you?

I’ve a pretty good idea who visits my site, 50% because WordPress employs an efficient hits counter and 50% because people tell me so4.  I don’t get as much visits as other Internet friends, but that’s okay.  I do it for the love5 – not the likes!!!  I’ve realized over time that people typically respond to things they understand6, and most see me as &!@#@#&$ and *#$((@*&#.  Lesser hits = lesser pressure to filter all the yammering.

Q: What about the people who find your blog boring?

Zzz—what?  *Wipes laway on week-old jacket sleeve* I fell asleep during your question, so… quits.

Q: Do you save your drafts?

Most of my entries start with actual pens (vintage!) and notebooks (pang #tbt!), so yes.  They are saved.

Q: If I wanted to blog, what could I write about?

I guess it all boils down what you’re fascinated with.  Because in truth, we’re all the same.  The Host7 has this interesting theory that to aliens, we humans would all look alike.  A head, a torso, some limbs, complexion that varies to a limited degree.  What really differs is (no no no don’t say it no no no utang na loob no no no) who we are inside.  How we interpret things.  Life’s just a bigger-scale Rorschach test and there’s no right or wrong answers – just interesting or more interesting ones.

We all watch the same movies: recognize the same actors, comprehend the same plots.  We go to the same places: order the same food, Instagramming the same topshots.  We buy into the same consumer traps, paying the same overpriced bills, thinking the same “we be legit” thoughts8.  It’s our opinions that make things ours.

I can say that Romnick Sarmenta is my favorite Pinoy actor9 or bagoong is my favorite food10 – and no one can stop me.  All I’m saying is that you can write about anything you can put your own spin to. Washi tape, boobs, whatever.  For this blog, my fascination is my life.  It’s nothing more than a bonus if you guys find it fascinating, too.

Q: Bat ang dami mong footnotes?

I’m a big fan of writing how you speak, and in person this is how I am.  Some people may dismiss me for an obnoxious, memasabilang know-it-all and you are all correct!  Congratulationzzz, give yourself a pat ­– nay, TEN pats – on the back11!

Q: Why do you keep doing it?

Because it’s free, and because I can.  If there’s one irrefutable thing I can brag about my life, it’s that I’ve kept it well-documented.  Words, pictures, everything.  I like looking back, and this provides something to look back on.

I watched Beautiful Losers the other day, and filmmaker Harmony Korine (Spring Breakers!) says that the movies he makes are the movies he wants to see.  Same goes for me, I write what I want to read12. I like doing this because it’s an exercise in not caring what other people think.  Or as my journal title suggests ­– it’s an exercise in pretending not to care.

Q: Bat ang daldal mo sa Internet?

Kasi konti lang ang pumapansin sa akin IRL.

Q: 3yrs. credit card holder fr any bank apply for cash loan! 50k to 2M 1.28% a mo. Interested? – +639065861491

Pakyu, naway maubusan ka ng unli mo at makakalap ka ng bill na ‘sing laki ng roaming charges ng isang daang Cebu Pacific stewardess na naka Globe iPhone

So, that’s it.  I still feel uncomfortable calling myself a ~blogger without the tilde preceding it.  But I’ve finally accepted that this is what comes naturally to me ­– I actually got into copywriting because a former CD saw my stuff and told me to get the hell out of media.

One day I will get better at this.  Until then, lemme write. Thanks!




1  Like, once

2  With only Justine in current possession of my archive’s URL

3  Three of them! What is “overkill?”

4  Hi Owel!  Hi Zyla!

5  Sung ala Smile Empty Soul’s Bottom of the Bottle

6  That’s why Boys Night Out banats get retweeted more often than @glitchr_ ones

7  Stephenie Meyer, author of Twilight, leave me alone

8  I’m looking at you, Lomography

9  Had him as a DWTL speaker back in high school

10   A staple viand growing up, in hindsight ANG TAMAD PALA NG YAYA KO NOON

11  This is me contributing to the egos of many and indirectly improving the overall wellness of society, what have you done today?

12  Proceeds to reread this entire post, just for kicks



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