[HK DAY 5] Disneyland

May 7, 2013


Memories or It Didn’t Happen

Screw the pictures.  I’m making a new rule for myself: if I don’t remember a particular instance in full detail, I won’t consider it valid.  This automatically voids1 all acquaintances made as a Pampers-pooping pre-preteen, all the movies I’ve watched before 2011, all the books I’ve read before last week, and all amusement parks I’ve visited – even those I’ve #tbt’d about recently.

That said, my Hong Kong 2013 trip marked my not-so-very first time in Disneyland.

If Apol came primarily for Blur, I came largely for The Happiest Place on Earth (as well as for Mr. Ducky).  That’s why we, like proper adults2, decided to end the concert night early to rest up.

Unscrew the pictures.  Heads up, PAG-ASA: here’s a calamity-scale photo flood for ya.



A. Sweepin’ the… clouds away!
B. Playing the bobo-est Hidden Mickey game aboard the Disneyland Resort Line
C. Little Boy, enjoy your Little Boyhood because it ain’t gonna last
D. PiPol are Friends With You!



A. Pilar, Apol, Apol, and Pilar
B. It’s a school day and I’m in Disneylaaaaaaand!
C. Wished for my first old friend, Genie



A. Asian photography stances never get old
B. If y’all need any more proof I was happy to be there
C. Stocking up on brochures and cardboard shades
D. The Apol of my Eyewear



These glasses show secret messages!



A. Very Pinoy: settling for a photobomb because we didn’t want to wait in line
B. With a thumbs-up sign, too!
C. Mga Kababayan!  Tototot!



A. Worst in Parenting Award: this kid’s mom made her bring homework to Disneyland
B. White Supremacy in a family brochure



As I’ve previously mentioned, I tend to get freaky-deaky uh huh uh huh3 with control.  Disneyland was no exception.  With me being the alpha to Apol’s male, I got him to join me in cramming two accordion brochures’ worth of data while munching on overpriced lunch.  This had us mapping out the day’s itinerary on, well, maps – scribbles we followed religiously throughout the day.  Quick tip: look for shows with pre-set slots, then plot the quicker attractions around them.  In our case, the closest showing we had was…


Nants Ingonyama Bagithi Baba 

Or the Festival of the Lion King

Or “ahabengya dabadi dabada,” as sung by the child Pilar in her delicate Zulu accent.  Disney’s The Lion King is a perennial favorite among everyone who matters4.  More so for me5, topped only by Aladdin in my list of Films I Have Technically Watched As A Child So I Remember Squat And I’m Unable To Carry A Conversation About It (FIHTWAACSIRSAIU2CACAI).  Its Disneyland musical rendition was, for a lack of a better singular word for “raging emotions,” overwhelming.  I was overjoyed with my childhood friends6, overpowered by the music and acrobats and effects.  I was in tears from the very start, singing every song and giving the innocuous non-Englishers around me the watery version of the look I give Apol when he wears his British Sea Power shirt7.


A. Self-appointed Cruise Director, leading the way
B. This blue-striped person of normal male height8 owns the stinkiest armpits in all of Adventureland



A. What. A. Set.
B. When the VO tells you to limit your photography, you squeeze in your last selfies like your life depended on it!
C. The girl who wears sunglasses indoors + the boy who falls asleep in Disneyland



Palakpak for Pride Rock!



Enjoy this post-show pwet-swishing, too

Rafts to Tarzan’s Treehouse

I’m one of those people who can bring Hawaiian Tropic oil to a pool and say “Tan is my middle name” and mean it literally.  I’m proudly part Chinese.  That means I’m part shameless penny-pincher, and I get to drag Apol to pointless attractions like the rafts to the Treehouse for the sole purpose of getting to say “We tried the rafts to the Treehouse.”  So here goes: we tried the rafts to the Treehouse.  At wala siyang kwenta.



At least the Treehouse itself had photo ops:
A. Apol playing with someone’s pelvis
B. ~*~BoOkWeRmZ~*~



More pictures of me because, duh, my URL is my name:
A. So so so kewl
B. Crazy eyes and crazy hair for the mad scientist set up
C. Somewhat wishing for a huge gunky mess to fall all over me ala Legends of the Hidden Temple



Second show with a sched: Mickey’s PhilharMagic!




Since my past, non-existent9 Disneyland trips were with my mom and uncle both 40+ years my senior, I’ve never been on any rides that didn’t tackle the Earth’s smallness (after all).  Space Mountain used to be, to me, one of those rides that reminiscent of prom – you’d never want to go, but everyone can legally torture you unless you do.  So we did, and it was a blast!  Surprisingly not scary at all!10






A. Being farted on by a robot
B. Being farted on by a robot + thunder-stolen by a kid
C. Hey, Stanley! We do a mean moon landing, too!



A. How To Get Nauseous On Your First Disneyland Ride 101
B. (Almost) Suka Tiem with the Flying Saucers!
C. Sino bang bumibili talaga niyan, aber.



A. Big button, must push
B. Big trigger, must pull
C. Booyah, made it to the minimum height



You get to shoot at things!

Picture-taking with Tim Allen



Main Street Parade

At this point in the day, we thought we were just having the best of luck.  There weren’t any lines to any of the rides – we were on our third shoo-in one by then ­– until it finally hit us.  The parade was happening, and we were missing it for granny-speed UFOs.  Rushed through infinity, beyond, and half the theme park before making it to Main Street for the last part.



Petiks.  We even bought popsicles11 because “we had time”



Nothing to note, I just like how my hair looks here



A. Lilo, the single scariest mascot I’ve ever encountered
B. Rafiki is my homeboy!
C. A giant honeybee pwet over a hunnypot



Nightmares, I tell you.

A. Trying not to cry AGAIN
B. These princesses are really really really pretty, nakaka-tongril12
C. Apol trying to get a photo of them neon intergalactic panties.  With my camera.



It’s a Small World

The only vivid childhood memory I have of this attraction was the song13 – all visuals were a blur.  Seeing it again as a grown-up, however, I’ve gotten to appreciate the bigger picture.  It’s not simply a ride.  It’s a huge warehouse filled up with puppets and colors and details unique to each nation.  It’s a change in instrumentation per continent, a shift of wind for the climates, an effort to have the kids sing in native languages.  It’s bringing exotic locations within reach, and even further, bringing fictional places into reality.  It’s our world – and a small one at it.  Big surprise: I cried here as well.



A. The Hong Kong Lannisters send their regards
B. Small world, strange smile
C. I never did let go of those brochures, now did I



A. I don’t even know why I keep running into these rides, wala namang pila
B. The day’s LSS, commencing
C. Frogs, of course
D. #SmallWorldSelfie



A. Colors of the Wind for him
B. A Whole New World for me



Maliit Lang Ang Mundo

Toy Story Land

This movie too falls under my considerably lengthy FIHTWAACSIRSAIU2CACAI list.  So I did in this area what any self-respecting charlatan would do: pose.



A. Direction is not his strong suit
B. Hamming it up for the camera however, is mine
C. Priorities
D. Making up for photos not taken on the Space Mountain



The giant puzzle board deserves a 360 Panorama



I wanted a ducky something, rubber or otherwise, as well as a Disneyland souvenir.
Apol thought this shirt hit two birds14 with one stone.



Posing with crayons and a giant, sexy Woody



Dream room decor



A. Hey mega! Phonemaniac! You’re no Jesus!
B. Usi versus UZI
C. Lapitin talaga kami ng mga taong plastik #AlamNa #Pasaway #BNO #FriendZone #TimeToMoveOn #Chosteoporosis
D. Yes, that is not a button but a light, I realize that now, thanks



A. Clark Kent
B. R. Kelly
C. Child, what be your purpose in this frame…?



A. Yes, that is not a dinosaur but a zombie, I realize that now, thanks
B. Dinonerd: he can actually converse about Jurassic age specifics.  I usually just doze off.
C. Pickup line: I hope you ain’t wearin’ nothin’ underneath parachute lang kaagad15
D. My centering skillz need help



The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

A bit of cheese-mis16: A.A. Milne’s Winnie The Pooh was one of the earlier books17 Apol and I bonded over.  I have the unDisneyed Pooh collection at home and I used to read them to him when he came over.  So yup, I was poking him nonstop during this ride, squealing ”yiheeeeeee” every chance I got.



A. This photo can get me fined – sneaked in + scarfed down an entire Snickers bar straight from Manila
B. I N T E R E S T I N G
C. Okay sorry, this was kinda creepy
D. Part Chinese, I say again



Stopped by the Mad Hatter area just so I could caption “Coffee, Tea, or Me”



I love corn the same way I’d love a sibling, if I had any




Lights in the skies, tears in my eyes indeed.  There’s something gut-wrenching, in a mostly good way, about hearing all these anthems you’ve grown up with.  Feeling them again, after all these years, with the melodies swelling through the trees and a plethora of colors dazzling the skies.  It’s seeing that iconic castle scene come to life – better than 3D, better than infinity D, because it’s actually there before you.  Suddenly you’re a kid again, watching the Return of Jafar on your dad’s Brand New VHS Player With A Built-In Rewinder, wondering if you could bully your yaya for another packet of Pritos Ring.



To hell with this “Happiest Place” bullshizz. Iyak lang ako nang iyak e.



Main Street

It was a busy walk back, the other parts of the park were already roped off by this time.  I had just rubbed my face dry and was now leading Apol into all the stores on Main Street because I was bored.  He coerced me into pocketing a pamphlet18 that common sense told us was more a prop than a freebie.  I mentioned earlier what my favorite movie was, and in the end he did get the girl + the money + the magical slavefriend + the living room décor that doubled as a car.



A. Stop, thief!  Vandal!  Outrage!  Scandal!
B. Ah advertising, so simple back then
C. This one’s for you, Dolfin



This is my favorite 360 shot to date



More gratuitous photos of ourselves



On crazy-expensive cupcakes, character coins, and copying things with our faces



Art of Animation

The building asked for it.



Apol in “Floortoucher”



Pilar in “Arms and Legs Akimbo”



Apol in “Globe Signal No. Zero”



Pilar in “Floorwax Fantasies”



Compulsory jump shots, as always



A Thrilling Chase, A Wondrous Place

Bid tearful farewells, then stopped over for dinner at West9’s Karkar after leaving the park.

And that’s it, my first Disneyland19 experience, all summed up + wrapped up with a pretty Minnie Mouse bow.  Second-to-the-last day, over.



We’ll be back, Mickey and friends!  Hopefully in a new country, though.



Food as both sustenance and playthings



I leave you with this parting shot: who wore it better????????







1  Including but not limited to

2  Ones leaning towards the octogenarian variety, methinks

3  Digital Get Down, another Nsync reference you probably did not get

4  Your move, favorite mo rin ba o hindi?

5  A proud Leo, to my King I must bow

6  Although two additional monkeys were mixed in with the cast, repeating the entire play in Cantonese.  Epalz with a capital Zey. Sila, ‘di ko friends.

7  “Sooooo, you’re a fan huh……..?” sabay both kilay akyat-bahay.

8  Meaning his kilikili makes direct contact with my face, if the gods are in a Punk’d kind of mood

9  If I were to take my first paragraph to heart

10  Says the girl who had to watch Insidious via clips on Youtube because the whole movie would render her paralyzed for weeks

11  They tasted panget, for the record

12  Well, I am a Scholastican

13  Eng-eng ka nalang kung ‘di mo pa maalala ‘yun

14  Whattuuuuup

15  Fistbumpage all around, yes yes

16  Thankyou, thankyouverymuch

17  The first being Chuck Palahniuk’s Haunted.  Read Guts, friends!

18  Of which there exists no actual photographic proof, for my general safety

19  Hong Kong!!!!!  Of course our other trips count, Mothergoose!


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