[HK DAY 4] K11 Art Mall / Blur at AsiaWorld-Expo

May 6, 2013


Now comes the day which culminated Apol’s years of voracious fangirling1.  His B-day, as some would say.

We were feeling heavy metal, sure, but we didn’t want the pins and the needles later that night – so we decided to keep the day’s activities to a bare minimum.  Thus the trip to…


K11 Art Mall

It’s a mall filled with art.  Really.


A. Double ourselfie
B. Obligatory art exhibit 360


A. Apol Corps
B. Pakyucephalosaurus
C. Alt + J
D. Immature giggles at the Taschen pop-up store


A. Echopraxia
B. Toast Art by Maurice Bennett
C. Nessarose Thropp bringin’ the house down
D. Valyrian steel!


I like big chairs because I have an arguably big pwet

A. Beatling
B. Home Alone in Hong Kong!



And here are some magical moving pictures of us, too:

On Spun Chairs, which fortunately did not kill me

On Wii Darts, which show my questionable marksmanship


On Wii Baseball, which I dove into right off the bat2

And again on the Spun Chairs, which by now, I’ve pwned pretty well.

Hyatti Indian Food Stopover

After K11, we chose to take an alternate route back to the hotel.  We stumbled upon this hole-in-the-wall3 restaurant, and chanced upon some of the best Indian food I’ve ever tasted.

A. Ceremonial milk-pouring
B. Indian lumpia, I forget what it’s called
C. Hellboy
D. Indian pizza4



Blur is to Apol as TBS is to me, and this was absolutely his night, one of the very rare days I allow him to be the princess.  Lessons from last year: the Radiohead shirts were sold out a few minutes after this photo was taken, so this time we played it safe and left the hotel ahead of schedule.  After all, I did have this feat looming over me, and *spoiler alert* I was unluckily unable to top it.

A. Airport Expressing
B. Possibly the most expensive train ride we’ve ever taken
C. Pre-concert loot: Blurgers, postcards, a poster, and a special-edition Think Tank
D. #ammabouttobreak on my birthday!

A. @raymsmercygun @failurebydsgn @mapins @dayglo1
B. @mapins @dayglo1 @raymsmercygun @apolsm
C. More friends!
D. Stolen off Diego’s Instagram!


Punk Rockage vs. Practicality

If you’ve met me in person, you’d realize that I mean nothing snooty when I say “ayoko sa Gen Ad” or other variations thereof.  All I am is a simple little 5-footer5 (more a Tyrion than a Brienne) whose normal view of a regular rock stage consists of 50% dandruffy shoulders and 50% douche-owned tablets.  I even fainted during a Saguijo sound check6 a couple of years ago, with no one but Apol and Kirk noticing since, yes, I’m that short.

This made my boyfriend – being a total Shae and loving me despite my height deficiencies and all7 – get us proper seats, with proper elevation, for proper dancing and proper singing along.

B. Chairs!
C. Pretty much what most of my photos look like
D. Parang sine lang sa Glorietta


Clearly A Casual Blur Fan

I’ve grown up watching Coffee & TV on MTV Asia, and hearing Song 2 played incessantly on my school bus’ radio.  I re-discovered them through the Live Forever compilation while in college8, during the formative years of my musical taste.

That said, my ~cred pretty much paled in comparison to everyone else.  Around me were diehards wearing decade-old shirts with bacon collars, discussing favorite album artworks, offering speculations regarding the Damon-Graham rift… and there I was telling Apol that Alex “the cute one” was my favorite9.

But it was okay, he was every inch the crazed fanatic, more than enough for the both of us.

A. Hey papa Dames
B. How we like to sing aloooong although the words are wrong
C. Fangirl
D. Photo op by the stage

A. Great view of the screen, too
B. Unzoomed
C. Un-unzoomed

I love you, Lumix


Post-Concert Pleased To Meet Yaaa’s

As an adult, I’ve only been to three shows abroad10 and I can say that there’s a feeling consistent with every instance so far.  It’s a sense of excitement in being a small family amidst a nation of unfamiliars.  It’s running into people you’ve known of for a while – the ones you’ve never talked to back home because your Hodor communication skills take over when you’re faced with people who intimidate you11 – the same guys who aren’t even aware you exist.  And it’s finally getting introduced to them, like an equal.  It’s trading Internet usernames with these aforementioned people of greatness and mentally preparing yourself to be all defensively friendly12 even if in reality, you’ll never need to.

The Blur concert was no exception.  Hello, new friends!


A. Of course
B. With the upcoming Modulogeek x Baybeats SG team!
C. Kulasa party – Marian and CJ attended St. Scho Manila, too!

Team Philippines at Blur HK 2013!

Photo stolen from Katwo!

We couldn’t resist

A. Mikey and Marian
B. Man in Maroon, Carl, and Marcus
C. Katwo
D. Ha… tsing yi
D. Me, siyempre, boyfriend ko ang may hawak ng camera

A. Post-concert ourselfie
B. Reflective window ourselfie
C. Faded-stamp ourselfie
D. Apol drawing ❤ Alex ❤ as per my request



One setback to our spectacular seating arrangement: there was no chance in hell – or Hong Kong at least – that we’d get our hands on the setlist. So I made my own:

GOOD SONG should’ve been here!



Tell me I’m not dreaming, but are we out of time?  For this day, yes we are.  Bye.





1 In no universe could “fanboying” ever compare
2 Heh
3 So wall-holey that my superior Googlestalking skills resulted in only one page
4 I really suck at food names, xorreh
5 Rounded up
7 Love’s the greatest thing that we have
8 Given that I was barely 5 years old circa Modern Life Is Rubbish, with an unwavering loyalty to Michael Learns To Rock
9 Later Google sessions would lead me to discover that he’s a writer too, and now he just makes cheese.  MAY TASTE BA AKO OR WHAT
10 The first one being SG for Wicked and the second the oft-mentioned Radiohead in Taiwan
11 Sociability, it’s hard enough for me
12 “It’s failurebydsgn with the last ‘e’ and ‘i’ taken out, I got it from Brand New, I was kid when I made that and I’ve used it with almost every account since so I just kept it when I made my Instagram – no no no, I didn’t mean you were old, it’s just that I was a tweener when I started worshipping Jesse Lacey and emo became became the in thing and I simply bit into it just like I bite into everything, did you know I read both Twilight and New Moon even before the movie deal and I actually participated in the LJ forums, trying to get Smallville’s Justin Hartley to play Carlisle? Yeah.”


2 thoughts on “[HK DAY 4] K11 Art Mall / Blur at AsiaWorld-Expo

  1. Pilar! The set list you’re written is the cutest! 😀 You should make mooooooooore of those next time! 🙂 Or for your favorite quotes/new word of the day! Syempre, Blur ended their concert with their money-makin’ song 2!

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