[HK Day 3] Dialogue in the Dark / Star Ferry / HK Museum of Art / Causeway Bay

May 5, 2013


A realization: people mistake sightseeing as the only worthwhile thing to do in a foreign place as a tourist.  But how about flavor-tasting, sound-hearing, texture-feeling, odor-sniffing?  Have we all become too blind (too blind) to see1 that there’s a ton more to a new country than what it can visually offer?  *Dim lights, and cue…*


Dialogue in the Dark [Worldwide / HK / TripAdvisor]

In essence, it’s a Hong Kong experience from a blind person’s point of view.2  Each class is led into specially-built dark rooms by a visually-impaired tour guide for an hour and a half, making it relatively appropriate to crack a “long time no see!” joke at the end of the session3.  I personally loved the whole experience, even if it combined things I strongly disliked:

  • Strangers – Sessions have a total of 8 slots per language, to be registered in online.  The chances of a Tagalog tour were Kim Chiu to none, so we signed up for an English class instead.  This meant that aside from making *gasp* small talk with total strangers, I had to *re-gasp* hold conversations with foreigners who had no shot at getting my everyday jeje demeanor4.
  • Blindness – As a kid, I was obsessed with hypotheticals.  Blame it on these guys if you will, but I was fond of creating scenarios play-by-play, then imagining in detail what it would be like if they were real.  Blindness, however, was one I could never flesh out.  I can’t be blind!  I hate reading5 but  I just can’t not to have the option to.
  • Canes – One too many A Clockwork Orange reruns.
  • Groping by foreign men [intentional or otherwise] – Our group happened to include an affectionate couple: a Hong Kongese6 girl my size and a very tall, very American man who enjoyed hugging her.  A lot.  Long story short, I was called “honey” and grabbed from behind a coupla times.  I kept running away wildly / blindly into walls during my “escapes.”


Obligatory turista standard, fisheyes, and 360.


Rubber Ducky

Finally, the reason that made the whole trip worth it, all pretty and perfect and utterly pointless.  “Anong ginagawa niya? Lumalangoy? May sound effects? Parang quack-quack-quack ala Joshua Jackson?” people asked once I got home.  “Nein nein nein nein,” I basterdly replied.  It just floats around like a colossally cute rubber ducky, which in its defense, it is.


A. Moment of panic as I finally spotted the bird
C. Okay, last shot before running over to the pier
D. Duckface appropriate
E. Cute ng kalikod namin dito, mukhang Jollibee Champ
F. #Triplie


A. I like trees, too
B. Yes it’s real, and dried dead. Boo hoo, blue hair.
C. A pirate ship in the background, of course.
D. Duckface 2


HK Museum of Art / Arts & Crafts Fair

I’m one of those ignorami who refuse to be impressed by art that can seemingly be done on my own7 so I was a little hesitant at first to have this one guy make our portraits with just a pair of scissors and a few sheets of paper.  Man, was I proven wrong.

If we cut up the bad, well then we’d have nothing left… but art!

Apol’s turn

Sucks that we didn’t catch his name. Chinese friends, mind reading the signature?


A. We considered just Googling whatever was inside the museum then bragging about it
B. What a poser
C. Fisheye everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
D. So you like art, dooya


Enjoy this heavily-filtered photo of Apol posing by every panel.


Enjoy this heavily-filtered photo of me posing by every panel.


Causeway Bay

Road the ferry8 to Wan Chai, so we could meet up with Marcus, Bru, and Carl at Din Tai Fung.  The restaurant was full when we got there, so we transferred to Misocool instead.  Met with Mr. Modulogeek himself, Joon, then got some steamed milk from Yee Shun.  Dropped by Ikea, and then HMV – one of Apol’s favorite music shops.


A. This Octopus card is a thing of brilliance
B. Window seat, everytime!
C. Duckface 3
D. Siopaoface infinity
E. Ferry fairy, wat. I do wander everywhere, swifter than the moon’s sphere!


Riding the ferry for… uh… the ferry first time


This is me being all pensive and shizz while Apol goes all boyfriendly

A. Duckface 4
B. I’d like to petition for “Why So Serious?” to be banned from serious-face captions worldwide, tengks
C. “How many routes to Disneyland and could we drop by quickly tonight?”

Apol thought it would be fun to take my photo with every station sign we see9 and I always think it’s fun to have my photo taken:

A. Sup, Mei Foo
B. Not Two Chai nor Three Chai
C. *Cue Chariots of Fire theme*
D. Mukha lang siyang Pokemon guys, no need to speculate
E. Missing the ducky
F. Headed home, too tired to WaCkY it up

Meeting up with friends: 

A. Cornman
B. @marcushiro
C. @berniebru
D. @carlchua


Wesocool at Misocool

 Yee Shun Milk Company

A. The only person I know who orders ginger with milk
B. Pabili nga po ng isang chungchingchongchengchung ANUBA LAHAT CHINESE
C. Like taho on crack
D. Thanks for the treat, Carl!


Favorite things collage:

A. Ajitama eggs, my favorite eggs10
B. Fisheyeeeeeeeeeeeee around the world!
C. Added a new member to our family, Duckling Bronx.
D. I couldn’t resist the F21 Aladdin sweatshirt
E. A moment of music cred at HMV: a Niall (One Direction) poster.11


A. I loooooove Hong Kong!
C. The closest I’ll get to being a Vicky’s Secret Angel


That’s all for now, xiao long bao!




1  Reference from Nsync, only the best band in the world bar none?
2  Pun very much intended, sobrang bagay kaya.
3  I had my tacky sense of humor to compensate for my temporary lack of sight
4  I have trouble socializing with people I’m already Facebook friends with, much less Caucasians a good two feet taller than me!??!  Buti sana kung kaya i-Monopod ang ulo ko?
5  This topic deserves its own post later on, but yez I hate reading.
 Konger? Kongian?
7  Cue many an argument with Apol over Basquiat deserving his fame.  Awayin niyo pa ako dito but I assure you no victory.  Again, ignoramus nga e.
8  Am I the only one who finds this word funny?  Parang mabalahibong diwata!
9  What a riot, riiiight???
10  Yes I have favorite eggs, and these are the ones.  I highly recommend the Ajitama sandwiches at Yamato Bakery along Jupiter!
11 #Legit #HiHarry


4 thoughts on “[HK Day 3] Dialogue in the Dark / Star Ferry / HK Museum of Art / Causeway Bay

  1. TOO BLIND! TOO SEE! *singing* Your pictures are sooo entertaining! Been there 4x, no sawa factor! I will never get tired of HK!

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