[HK Day 2] Peak Tram / Madame Tussauds / Nathan Road

May 4, 2013

Some would call it borderline sad: I’ve become too full of myself I’ve resorted to considering my entirety as a sum of completely different Selves.  And I take my sweet time appreciating each one, of course ­– let’s not let all these Dove campaigns go to waste.  That said, with due respect to all my other Selves (oh, and to Apol too) I attribute Day 2’s success to my Self One Week Prior To Departure.  Self1wp2d (as she’s colloquially known) was a plan-plotter / manic-Googler Self who stumbled upon this bundled promo, making it infinitely easier to get to the high point (get it?) of our day:


The Peak

The savings were minor, but Self1wp2d had sweet-talked Apol into purchasing tickets online.  General Self1 constantly finds herself2 getting into more and more fights with strangers over lines3, and Self1wp2d thought pre-ordered tickets could avoid this.

She / I was right.  We got to the Peak Tram station, gaped at the line snaking past the curb4, then spotted the pre-order counter.  We marched over, silently judged the others who came before us5, and immediately claimed our tickets.  It took me a couple of minutes to gloat – cheers to you, Self1wp2d – then it was off to the boarding area for us.


A. Pre-purchased Ticket Queue had no queue.
B. #Selfietimer6
C. Combo counter + Peaking duck
D. Kung nabitawan ko yung camera, dedz si Litol Girl


Peak Trammage: barely-concealed excitement at 0:23

I loved the Peak Tram7;  it’s a 45-degree angle roller coaster climb minus the blinding fear of being thrown backwards.  I would’ve thrown my Skittles up in the air just to see how it landed, but I didn’t have $5000 for food fines8 so I opted to just behave.


Looking down on creation and the only explanation I can fiiiind


A. Top of Hong Kong my pwet, mas mataas ‘yung building sa likod o
B. Obligatory 360!
C. Making friends with European models kaso ‘di ko sila nakaka-eye contact, obvs


Power… hug!


Madame Tussauds

I believe in karma, the give-and-take relationship between good and bad.  I always think something ­– no matter how small – has to go wrong for everything else to go right as planned.  Ad astra per aspera, my HS debate teacher would say.

That’s why I was cheering wildly inside when Apol lost his Madame Tussauds ticket9.  Good thing we found a nice girl who spoke limited English, so we talked and talked and talked until she let us through.  And then *cue angel chorale + luminous color-grading ala Walden filter* I was in heaven:


My girls


My boys


A. Astronerd
B. Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets WITH MY HELP
C. Picking on Picasso
D. Astronerdier


Saddam if you do, Saddam if you don’t


The Fab Five


A. Yes, I went there
B. Rubbing elbows with someone important who I’m too ignorant to recognize
D. Hitchcock reeeee-mix!
E. Fashionblogging with Bert
F. Hindi man lang ako umabot sa kilikili


Madame Marie, how about meee?


And since we think of ourselves as total surfers now10 we decided to commemorate our gnarly love by dipping our hands in wax.

A. Hanglooseholdinghenz
B. Writing to Dan over coffee
D. Stoked skyline


Double-deckin’, Olympian Mallin’, Nathan Roadin’

Karma came a-kickin’ once again, this time ensuring an awesome trip ahead by having me lose my 2-way Peak Tram ticket.  That meant I had to buy a new ticket back, as these clerks spoke perfect English and made this utterly clear.  Apol saw this as a way for me to finally experience riding a double-deck bus!


Pointless video, but still proof nonetheless that we were on the 2nd floor

Headed to the mall after, since much like myself, Apol believes in keeping communication lines open.  Case in point, he says things like “Gustong-gusto ko talaga ‘yung Korg microKEY 25 sa Tom Lee” if he wants the Korg microKEY 25 from Tom Lee.

A. And yes, being the amazing gelpreng that I am, I got him the Korg microKEY 25 from Tom Lee
B. Central Station!
C. Wong Kar Wise, of course
D. Pulling a Hiro Nakamura. YATTA!


Went to Nathan Road, too!  I’m not much of a shopper, so this detour was mostly for Fisheye Foto Opz (A), designer toys (B), a sushi belt (C), and a chance to experience a cab ride home11 (D).


I’m also @taongfisheye on Twitter, hello!


And as a parting gift, enjoy this video of Apol threatening to turn our next-door neighbors into dimsum:



1  A.k.a. me
3  The most recent one against a Tita-type who tried to weasel her way into a cab.  I was all guuuurl I have nieces and nephews of my own so I’m telling you, Tita-to-Tita, go man up and line up *ghetto Z-snap*
4  There were actual signs stating waiting time: 1 hour from this point
5  “Gaganda ng mga telepono niyo, ‘di naman kayo marunong mag-Internet,” sneered my sinister thought-voice as I stroked my entry-level Nokia
6  Yes I’m one of those people who keep using hashtags when inappropriate, and yes you’re one of those people who very sadly have nothing better to bitch about.  The Scarborough Shoal!  Morons running the MMDA!  Rocco Nacino, of all people, being asked for Inferno comments!  Leave me alone, tengks.
7  I love most trains, Apol even placed one in last year’s birthday artwork
8  Fines always apply to fun things, baka dapat funes nalang ang tawag sa kanila
Cheer up Bunnybutt, it was either this or a Damon Albarn cancellation
10  After a grand total of ONE La Union trip – bakit, ang martyr ba paulit-ulit namamatay?
11  #marangya #altasociedad


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