[HK Day 1] Cosmo Mongkok / Olympian Mall / Tim Ho Wan

May 3, 2013


Check in tieeem!

Honed by years of exhaustive bahay-bahayan training, I tend to look at hotel rooms as actual homes1.  Cosmo Mongkok, my Hong Kong house, is one of those places with excellent locations: directly in front of a McDonald’s, within the vicinity of two 7-11s plus a grocery store, a couple of minutes away from the Olympic MTR station.  Truth be told, I actually made a pretty in-depth Agoda write-up… but alas, it seems to have been ignored.  *Looks around dejectedly rejected, then chooses to change the subject*  So anyway.


Breakfast tieeem!

Food was our first order of business upon landing, as it should always be.  And with Apol and I making a conscious effort to carpe the hell out of each diem / reject the yucky norm / try all things shiny and new, it was unanimous that we head on to McDonald’s for some McPancakes.

Contrary to insanely popular worldwide belief, I am not Korean


HHWW tieeem!

I always feel uncomfortable in swanky malls, there’s always a need to buy though I can’t do anything but cry because my wallet will die.  So going around Olympic Mall, I finally got to let my guard down at what seemed to be the only friendly members of the Hong Kong sales force­ – plastic vending machines!  Maxed out my Octopus card here buying all sorts of Instagrammable junk.

Everything’s safer with rubber


Luncherienda tieeem!

Because I’m Tywin Lannisterly control-freaky ­– I took it upon myself to plan the itinerary.  Tim Ho Wan was initially scheduled2 for Monday, the afternoon preceding the Blur concert, the slowest day out of the whole trip.  This was due largely to everyone having a Tim Ho Wan horror story: be prepared to wait outdoors, all sweaty for a couple of hours, they said.  Once seated, you’ve to finish fast because all the other people in line would give you the evil eye3, they said.  Sa sobrang tagal, naututan pa nga ako sa mukha dati ng matabang babae, Apol added.

So yes, it was a fist-pumpingly fantastic victory for me when I spotted an escalator ad for an unapologetically Cantonese restaurant with Tim Ho Wan spelled out in very, very fine print.  An air-conditioned new branch with an unbelievable lack of people, located inside the mall right next to our hotel ­­– I’d say we were pretty lucky4.


To the best of my non-foodie abilities, here’s what we ate:

A) A suman-like rice thing being hugged by a big leaf, a delightful dahon it was

B) A siopao-like buttered bun with sugar on top5

C) Peach-mango pies without peach nor mango, just vegetables

D) Some animal’s unborn baby

E) Hakaw6 and the shrimp version of Dish D.  Shrimplets?  Hiplets?

F) Fancy Jellyace that tasted fancy so I didn’t fancy this all too much

Tim Ho WANT!  Heh.


Nightcap tieeem!

After settling in and clearing the room7, we brought out a couple of beers and ice cream cones, then ended the night by catching a few substantial shows on TV.

“Looners” on National Geographic’s Taboo USA, a must-watch



I’m one of those people who actually places drawers in the drawers, hehhh
I say sheddyuled in an affected British accent as in formally so – I even sent Apol timeline screencaps with strict orders for compliance
3  This is exceptionally frightening to me, I must share, because I am by far the slowest eater I know
4  Pretty lucky as in if there were any rumors regarding balats on our pwets, this pretty lucky clearly places all these aforementioned hypothetical balats on all your pwets, not ours!!!!!!!!!
6  Ha!  I know this one.
7  Hide all freebies, people!  The cleaning staff won’t stock you with new bedroom slippers if you leave your Day 1 pair out in the open!


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