The Great Reblog

I blame my Internet-writing demise mostly on my 2008 move to Tumblr.  Before then, I was just your average LJ tweener, ranting about imaginary loves, (gasp) boredom, and other worldly things.  Other fall guys from that era include digital cameras1, a lack of non-office Internet2, Twitter3, boys4, and an overall lackluster life.  Well, not anymore.

Boredom is for the boring, I tell my Past Self5.  Shame on you, Past Self, for living off reblogs and repins and retweets.  Shame on you, Past Self, I continue on my tirade, for having infinitely lesser things to say than your Shrieky LJ Tweener counterpart.  Most factors are still present6, sure, but I’d like commend *shifts glance* you, my Quarter-Lifer Self, for doing pretty well nonetheless.

Just over the past couple of years, I’ve found love with an artist [NUHUCKS], watched Radiohead AND Blur live abroad, acted as a movie zombietried my luck on a surfboard, memorized (and performed!) quite a few rap songslanded a cover of a magazine7, been painted by MICHEL GONDRY AND JAMES JEAN8, finished the entire X-Force series in one sitting, and made it into a career-braggable list9 among other things.  I’m just too fantastic at persuading myself into letting my lazy ass win, so it took me a while to realize that I do have things to write about. Also, I got inspired my friend Ria, who just recently revamped her entire site. At nainggit ako.

So, my dearly beloved, this post is simply a burial of non-bloggy boredom.  This is a christening of a home away from the no-brainer reblogs, the cute-things-I’ll-never-do repins, the @superstarmarian retweets.

This is a rebirth of my net-writing mojo.  A noble resurgence10.  A great reblog if you will.

Hello WordPress, let’s be friends.



1 A thousand words painted per picture, gaiz.
2 In my defense, I posted a bajillion posts in my head, offline.
3 Why wait for thought-compilation if I could do it in 140-character installments?
4 Picking the right ones over the years meant they were guys I’d rather hang out with than ignore+write with. *KindatCutiePiez
5 The Past Self is the 2008 Self that precedes Self As Of Press Time
6 Although I doubt getting my own Internet access soon.  Too much life to actually live, yknow???
7 A free one, okay, but still.
8 Bitchezzzzzzz
9 I felt I had to add one advertising-related thing since my mom needs constant validation regarding my job being a real one.
10 Veronica Roth, this is a hint at what I was expecting Book 3’s title to be.


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